Don’t you just hate … ?

Dear Reader,

The following was inspired by the lively debate in the comments here. It is a bit off topic, as diablog is about the good things in life. On the other hand, diablog is about debates too.


Don’t you just hate those Martians, their culture, and their religion?

For example, how they abuse children, those damn pedophiles?

Oh, wait. That’s the catholics, who sexually abused hundreds of thousands of boys and girls. Sorry, I got confused.

Anyway, don’t you hate it, how they keep their young ignorant? Denying evolution, not teaching them about sex and contraception? Causing teen pregnancies, ruining their young life?

Oh, bugger, that’s the Christians all over the world, even in those ‘highly civilized’ countries like the USA, Canada, Ireland, the UK, Spain, France, Portugal.

But it’s the Martian country, where synagogues are vandalized, and Jewish cemeteries are vandalized, and people of different religion are threatened, right?

Sorry, wrong again, that’s the west.

But the Martians discriminate against gay people. And against other religions and cultures. And who insist on having their religious symbols in class rooms and courts, on the currency, in their oath? With religious indoctrination education, mandatory morning prayer, etc. Right?

Sorry, wrong again, that’s the Christians.

But what I truly hate, is how the Martians go to war against each other, fighting over religion. Bombing and killing each other. Oh wait, that’s Ireland, and the catholics and protestants there. Or Israel and Palestine. Sorry.

But at least we are peaceful, where the Martians are not.

They bomb or invade countries. Like Vietnam, and Grenada, and Iraq, and Yemen, and Pakistan, and Syria… They occupy countries at will, plunder them, kill or enslave the indigenous people, and leave, when there is nothing to gain anymore. It is called imperialism or colonialism or something like that. The Martians often refer to it as the golden age, or the good old times. And today they just send drones killing thousands every year. Mostly innocent people, and a few others, but of course without trial.

The Martians support dictators and extremists, when ever it suits them. They sell weapons, and poisonous gas, and spyware to them, helping dictators to suppress and kill their own people. Or helping extremists to overthrow regimes, the Martians don’t like.

And the Martians have put the whole world under surveillance. Really, they are recording everything from everyone. Phone calls, emails, browser history, location data, everything they can get their dirty hands on. They are spying on everybody, even their own people. And then they are using what they call intelligence to blackmail or ruin people. Or to undermine the UN.

Oh wait, these are not the Martians, these are what Smiles and Phillipa call the civilized Westerners.

But the Martians are so uncivilized. They have the death penalty still. They have more people in jail, than any other nation. And they have secret prisons and torture centers. In their own country and abroad. And they hold people in camps illegally.

And just look how political power is handled by those damn undemocratic Martians. They have a president. And once he is gone, his son comes into power. How uncivilized it that? Oh wait, we have the Bushs, and the Kennedys, and …


It would be quite nice, if all this were the Martians, wouldn’t it? Then we civilized Westerners would be liked and admired all over the world. And we would have a common enemy again, we could bomb the shit out of. Someone we could all hate, instead of contemplating, what is wrong in our society.

Or, just as an example, we could ask, what is happening to all the oil – and related profits – from Libya and Iraq. You know, as Iraq is the 13th largest source of oil, and Libya the 17th largest.

But I guess, we are all too happy about slightly lower gas prices at the pump, to really care about the people in Iraq and Libya.

Keep debating,

Engine Room


in training…

Dear diablog,

I still marvel at the adoption of ‘Americanisms’ – which to the British are incredibly awkward as well as ridiculous.

Detrain??  Along ‘momentarily’ (what just for a second or two?)?? Lowered the price – oh really? Lowered onto what? Does ‘reduced’ only apply to fat or is there so much of it it has to be lowered to the floor!

Returning to ‘we will be momentarily be detraining’ it links well to dear Caspette who as we write is enjoying (we hope) her stay in London.

Having tried the skating maybe she would like some dancing?

Maybe she is in the crowd?


An all in one! Music for the Druid, exercise for Smiles, fun for Caspette and a great idea. Eeeeeeehaaaargh.

Yours, diablog, travelling light




This is how it should be

Dear Reader,

Why do I on occasion write stuff about computers? Because we all are using them. And not unlike cars, if you are using them you should know at least a bit about them. We all are connected via the internet, misuse of your computer endangers not just you but everyone around you. Very much like driving an unsafe car.

Thus, for example I wrote about Heartbleed and Shellshock. These were security problems in free and open source software (FOSS), that impacted everyone indirectly.

Some people thought, they – and the whole world – would be served better with Microsoft products like Windows. To those I can point to the two disasters happening just this week. First Microsoft was alerted of a huge security hole in its encryption software. They issued a fix for that. But the fix caused the next disaster by slowing down and in some cases breaking servers and desktop computers. If I am not mistaken it also broke parts of Glynsky’s machine, which I had to fix Monday night. (Thanks, Microsoft!)

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hats off…

Dear diablog,

A post for all reasons! Music for all, cars for the Druid, a bit of comedy – all thanks to a new contributor, Larry


– the man with the pork pie hat with whom I go to footie –


and who has sent us this brilliant ‘barzelletta':

A man received the following text from his neighbour.

‘I am so sorry mate. I’ve been riddled with guilt and I have to confess.

I have been helping myself to your wife, day and night when you’re not around, in fact more than you.

I do not get it at home, but that’s no excuse.

I can no longer live with the guilt and I hope you will accept my sincerest apology with my promise that it won’t, ever happen again.’

The man, anguished and betrayed, went into his bedroom, grabbed his gun, and without a word, shot his wife and killed her.


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Sometimes I hate to be right

Dear Reader,

For years now, we have been warning you about the British censorship program. Sadly, without success.

When the censorship program was introduced, the fig leave was pornography. And we warned you, Brits, that once it is established, every censorship system is expanded. Eventually it will include everything, the current government does not want you to read.

Here now comes proof, that we were right.

As the Guardian reports here (quote, emphasis mine):

Internet companies have agreed to do more to tackle extremist material online following negotiations led by Downing Street.
The UK’s major Internet service providers – BT, Virgin, Sky and Talk Talk – have this week committed to host a public reporting button for terrorist material online, similar to the reporting button which allows the public to report child sexual exploitation.
They have also agreed to ensure that terrorist and extremist material is captured by their filters to prevent children and young people coming across radicalising material.

Ad what is “extremist material”? Oh well, that is up to Downing Street to decide, isn’t it? Or maybe the Queen? But certainly not you anymore.

And please let me remind you, that the British government labeled the Guardian “helping terrorists” for publishing the Snowden files.

There are many historic examples, where this is leading to. But you Brits, you keep calm and carry on.

The next time a fascist regime threatens your life, it will be your own.

I hate to be right sometimes.

Engine Room


might glynsky be losing it? (padua part 3)…

Dear diablog,

There was so much to see at the


I could fill volumes – don’t worry Smiles, almost done! – but a lot of time was spent investigating bric a brac


for bits which may be useful to me in a (dreamed of) future possible project.

For years the family have been threatening to buy Mme. a special gift to assist in her shopping expeditions – and to make the experience ‘different’! I (we) are besotted with the iconic…


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