milk and honey…

Dear diablog,

The fabulous Lyndsey


and Honey Ryder go from strength to strength.

Not only are they featuring regularly on Radio 2 but they have just done a gig at the Troubadour  -which is ever dear to me as I played there a very long time ago with Julie Driscoll and the Trinity! Grief, that was a long time ago!!

Well done girl, we wish you well and continued success, particularly with the latest

Yours, diablog, looking forward to the next time you call



Is Data going the Oil way?

Dear Reader,

Two separate news reports reached me last week. And when connecting the dots, it lead me to the question in the headline.

Which is a reference to a quote from Mr. Getty, former owner of Getty Images, a stock photo company. When he used his inherited oil money to buy up rights to images worldwide, he said (source):

Intellectual property is the oil of the 21 century. Look at the richest men a hundred years ago; they all made their money extracting natural resources or moving them around. All today’s richest men have made their money out of intellectual property.

And almost as to proof his point, Bill Gates followed suit. He founded Corbis, which acquired images, and then licensed rights.

But last week it was announced, that the Corbis archive and others owned by Bill Gates are sold to Visual China Group. And Visual China Group cooperates with Getty Images. Which Mr. Getty has sold already years ago. So it seems, the rich people are getting out of that business. Why?

Maybe it has to do with the other news. Google Cultural Institute announced to have added thousands of images to its online library. Google is not only scanning the books of the world. Google is also making images available online. And so are others, often non-profit organizations. Google also knows better than anyone else, how many free (!) images are created and posted online every day. I wrote about that earlier on diablog.

With this vast source of free images, who needs to pay Getty or Corbis?

Maybe the copyright royalties are going the same way the oil price is going, which is down?

If you think I am wrong, would you let me know, please?

Stay tuned,

Engine Room


2016 is the year of the …

Dear Reader,

Computer people have a running joke. As hinted in the headline it goes:

<Current year> is the break through of the Linux desktop

Obviously it has not happened yet. And it might never happen. Some people say on mobile devices it has happened already. Since Android, the dominant operating system on smartphones and pads, is Linux. But then, who cares?

Contrary to Glynsky’s opinion expressed here, I do not care. You can use whatever you want. As long as you are happy with it and don’t bother me with your problems.

A typical example is a friend of mine, an architect. For decades he has been an Apple fanboy. Apple computers, Macbooks, iPhones, iPdas, he had and has it all. One could call him an iDiot. Luckily, he never bothered me with his problems. He pays handsomely to have an Apple expert deal with his many issues. His plotters never worked ‘out of the box’. The supplier has spent days getting the plotters to work. Besides the inflated hardware prices, my friend spends a couple of thousands every year on ‘services’. His reasoning behind all this is:

I pay more, so it works and I don’t have to deal with anything.

But lately it does not. Last year my friend bought an additional SSD hard drive for one of his Macbooks. It failed within four months. All data was lost. He had a back up. But he had to spend two days to get everything working again. Plus a lot of money. He was not pleased.

And a few weeks ago his Macbook screen went dark. Black. Dead. It happened exactly 12 days after the warranty had run out.

Since he needed the computer for a presentation, he bought a new one. And paid an additional §200 for an extended warranty. But when he installed his back up, emails did not work. Apple had changed the email program. Again, he spent three days trying to get the hardware problem fixed, but could not. Neither could his beloved Apple people fix the Macbook, nor did they have a temporary replacement. I have never seen him that angry.

When he told me about his ordeal, I could not resist reminding him, that Linux has not given me any problems in years. Long gone are the times when I spent days getting sound to work. Today, Linux just works.

If Apple does not get its act together, Linux will win another user.

Stay happy,

Engine Room


the end of it…

Dear diablog,

I trust that you will bear with me for one more time following the sad death of Erika’s son.

This has just come into my hands and seemed the best send off ever. A friend of his was making a movie (despite Mark being very ill towards the end – and it shows) featuring a drive on Mulholland and had just finished it it time.

We can think of no greater tribute which will also please the car people reading G+P.

Yours, diablog, rejoicing in an apt send off




Binge Watching

Dear Reader,

In a comment our beloved Philippa


asked, what I did during the bad weather. One answer is: binge watching. In this case I watched the whole of Band of Brothers. The HBO TV series does not need my praise. And actually, I was not that impressed. Following please find a few recommendations of what I consider better films.

Let’s start with the classic, The Longest Day, about D-Day.

Moving on to 1980 and The Big Red One. If you find this story and movie similar to Band of Brothers, then I agree. Must have been some “inspiration”.

Again, no coincidence, Tom Hanks. Executive Co-Producer of Brand of Brothers, starred in Saving Private Ryan from 1998. Released by Dreamworks SKG, with Steven Spielberg, the other Executive Co-Producer of Band of Brothers.

But if you really have the stomach to educate yourself about the holocaust, then watch The Death Mills. It was directed by Billy Wilder, created on behalf of the United States Department of War, for the re-education of Germans and Austrians after WW II. It is available online at the Internet Archive here

Beware this is original film material, shot by allied forces, when they liberated the death camps. This is heavy.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room


up the engine room’s…

Dear diablog,

Having got the beginning of the week off my chest maybe it is time for a little levity.

As usual we can depend on Christina


for ‘relief’ who apparently needed some after putting up with Engine Room’s rantings on internet security, free programmes and Linux (which I think is a cheap Chinese all weather vehicle).

She dug this up as her project for his next tasks.

Yours, diablog, shocking