Romeo, oh Romeo

Dear Reader,

Are you thinking Shakespeare now? Good. Because he inspired the name of something I want to talk about in the following.

A while back I mentioned cigars here. Actually, we mentioned cigars more than once on diablog. And during one of my last trips one of the spectacular hosts provided me with something special. A real Cuban Romeo y Juliet:




and my very favorite of those, the Churchill:



Update: Sorry, I forgot the music to go with this. Here it is:

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

The Brits might not care, they can have them any time. In the US Cuban cigars are still illegal.

So, before the DEA or any other three letter agency confiscates it, throws me in jail, or what ever, I will enjoy this world famous treasure,

in peace,

Engine Room


Thank you

Dear Reader,

The old tradition on Thanksgiving is to say what you are thankful for.

A good time to say, we are thankful for our beloved commentators:







and Inverness Druid

Who, I just noticed, has no avatar yet. Glynsky, do something!

We are equally thankful for our supporters and muses:








Cousin Tony


and many more. Only Glynsky knows them all.

And last but not least, we are thankful for all you, readers.

You all together make this great fun.

Thank you,

Engine Room


some things have to be exclusive…

Dear diablog,

As you know 96 Club posts tend to be of a number of vehicles rather than just one – and don’t worry, I have loads more from this year’s wonderful selection.

However, once in a while something that really deserves a space of its own turns up – and this is one.

A superlative, original and real Alfa Romeo ‘Monza‘.


Glynsky once had the great honour of being ‘loaned’ one to race at Silverstone, Zolder and Dijon – and it was no less than the one used by Nuvolari in 1933 to win Le Mans!

Indeed, the owner of that one also owned (but never trusted to Glynsky (!!!!)) the 8C 35 Type C which he has since sold – the price mentioned in the Wiki link above and no wonder I was only allowed to look at it!

Whatever, just for your/my pleasure check this lot out as the real deal for a sunny drive through the West End – sod the Lambos, Porche, Bentleys, this is the way to go!



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as the simpsons say, dough…

Dear diablog,

I have just finished packing away the pizza oven (mentioned earlier this year) and got to thinking how much I like the stuff and will miss not lighting it for a few months.

To put you into the same mood I didn’t repost Mouldy Old Dough but thought this was apt

though a non sequitur so this may be better (and sent to me by, of all people) the much missed Pete (and the wrong product!)

dough this is supreme – filmed of me in the hall of Glynsky Towers!

Oh well, its back to Pizza Express I suppose.

Yours, diablog, mixing with the salsa



Gold of the Gascogne

Dear Reader,

In line with this post, here is another drink worth your attention. Again, it was introduced by friends while visiting.

Clotte de Manon comes from the best sites of the Armagnac region within the Gascogne:

Armagnac is known since 1461. It is distilled continuously only once, different to Cognac for example. Armagnac is aged only in new oak barrels made of black oak from the Gascogne.

Another specialty, the fruit wine used as basis for Armagnac cannot be sulfurated, or otherwise altered, or have additives. Armagnac is as pure as it gets. Which makes it better than Cognac in my book.

And this Armangac is perfect after a good meal, or with a good cigar.


Engine Room