Me and Milton Jones

It about time we mentioned a great British comedian on this diablog.
Milton Jones has been a favourite of mine for many years.
He is the king of the one liners, and a small example of his style
is shown on the clip below.
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Rally to restore Sanity

Dear Reader,

Maybe you heard about the above mentioned rally in Washington, DC today.

Here are my two favorite slogans from signs carried there:

Think outside the Fox



What do we want?


 When do we want it?

In a reasonable amount of time


Glynsky is jumping around like Rumpelstiltskin because of “amount”. I guess, he has to live with it. And the Western cousins.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

What does Glynsky know about cool?

Dear Reader,

Ever since Glynsky referred to the late Tony Curtis as the cool guy from the 60s, the thought has been bugging me.
Do you know that feeling? Someone tells you something and almost instinctively you think: Naa, that’s wrong. But you just cannot point out exactly why?

Then it hit me, Mr. Cool from the 60s was and still is:

Steve McQueen

His movie credits are smashing: The Great Escape, Papillon, The Hunter, Cincinnati Kid, etc. And the ultimate in cool, Steve McQueen as Thomas Crown.

Plus, one can confidently say, that Steve McQueen still is Mr. Cool. According to the recent Forbes list of top income producing deceased artists he still brings in Millions annually. He still appears in commercials, a watch is sold as a tribute and advertisers just love him. ‘Cause he really is cool.

And for you racing enthusiasts, here is the legendary car chase from Bullit:
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Paolo Conte Cohen

I have read your kind suggestion for a truce on the endless Leonard Cohen debate, but I am afraid the answer is No.

I might have agreed to your offer, if you had not brought Paolo Conte to the Diablog table.
I quite like this aging Italian stud.
He reminds me of you before your incident, but then my musical tastes are not blocked.
You have introduced Paolo to me before and the first thing I noticed was a similarity between the two voices.

How right I was!  This quote comes from The Sunday Times.

‘Over the years,its gravelly timbre has prompted no end of comparisons with those North American singer-poets Tom Waits and  Leonard Cohen.’

‘The Guardian’ sees him as:
‘Italy’s answer to everyone from Jacques Brelto Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits’
This quote was taken from ‘CD review’
Take a dash of Jacques Brel’s romantic disillusionment, a pinch of Serge Gainsbourg’sdecadent artfulness, and a healthy dose of Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen’s classy, gravel-voiced songpoems, cook it up in Italy, and you just might get something approximating Paolo Conte.’

I could find and offer you many other quotes.There is even a video with a Cohen song, sung in a Conte style, but my point is already proven. One thing they do have in common is shown with the Photos.
Personally I love them all, and Jaques Brel is another of my all time favourites
Glynsky get out of the closet and see the light! Hallelujah!!

Euphemisms and airline announcments

Dear Reader,

The category “cut the crap” is growing at diablog. Leading to the question of course, why is Glynsky still on the team, if we really want to cut it?

One reason might be his post about – among other things – airline security. The earlier mentioned George Carlin continues the linked session pointing to the euphemisms in airline announcements:

and here is Part 2:

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