Your way around the diablog – a manual

Dear Reader,

Why am I writing this?

Tonight, when I was sitting among my machines, peacefully puffing a cigar and listening to soothing music, the captain called me on deck to tear me a new one.
One of his buddies had phoned him and given him a hard time. About not finding his way around diablog, not immediately seeing the content he was interested in, so on and so forth.

Like most bosses, the captain let the s**t pour down and he finished by barking at me: “Only a first class moron delivers a machine without a manual. Write me a f***ing manual. NOW!”

I hadn’t time to point out our Q&A, the introductory 1st post and “Now what?“. The boss was not listening. Are they ever?

Anyway, I was sent back down to write a manual, the boss is always right, here it is, the diablog manual:

A Blog, (Wikipedia article: is similar to a journal, but in reverse-chronological order. So always the newest entry/article/post is on top. The exception to that is our “sticky post” with the diablog photo and the dedication.

On the homepage,, you always see the newest posts. At the bottom or end of each page you can click on “Older Posts” to see – surprise – older posts. By clicking on “Home” you are taken back to the homepage.

Each post has its own page. Just click on the title and you are taken there. Longer posts usually have something called a jump break. This prevents you having to read long articles of no interest to you. The jump break interrupts the post and offers you to “Continue Reading”. If you click on that, you get the full story.

Below each post there is a link “Replies”. The number on the left shows, how many comments were made so far. By clicking on replies you can read the comments and write us your thoughts. You can comment anonymously or with your name, however you like.

Different to most other blogs, diablog has not one but two authors, Glynsky and Pete. Actually three, if you include me. You can find something about Glynsky and Pete in the two Pages titled Who is Glynsky? and Who is Pete?

Another difference, diablog covers not one but many areas, like music, movies, drinks, cars, photography, racing, the good things in life.
Sometimes Glynsky and Pete refer to current news, often they link to noteworthy sites and/or content in their posts or they rant about what’s on their mind.

To repeat my earlier note, if you are looking for a specific issue, please have a look at the “Categories” in the right column. The bigger the font, the more posts exist with that specific category.
If you click on a one, you will get all related posts, newest first.

In the right column, at SUBSCRIBE2, you have the opportunity to subscribe to diablog. Just enter your email address and click subscribe. You will then be asked to confirm your subscription and from then on you are informed once a day by email, if there is news here. No news means no email. And, of course, that is free as in free lunch.
Since Glynsky and Pete hardly ever agree on something, in every disputing post, you find a link to the older post, which it is referring to. This way you can check back the conversation.

Another way to search is with the search field below the header image, on the very right. There you just type in your search term, click on the small magnifier and all posts containing what you are looking for will be shown.

All right, this should cover it. If not, let me know in the comments.
Engine Room

Hey, you, Joe Sixpack, before calling the boss again to complain, leave a comment, OK? I’ll gladly explain anything. For heaven’s sake, just spare me the dressing down, will you? Thanks, pal!

5 thoughts on “Your way around the diablog – a manual

  1. Hi Arc
    Many thanks for the comment.
    I will ask Glynsky if he can give Christina time off from living under his desk.
    If he agrees (which I very much doubt)
    I will arrange for her direct transfer to you, subject to my usual fee.

  2. Amazing – our treasure chest hero, Sasha, used to do convoys to Archangel. Is this one of his coded messages down the airwaves of time.
    I only say this as he was very partial to the occasional hot red head as well.
    Arc you are welcome – to everything except Christina! Mind you, she is up for having more pics taken so you never know….
    As for you two, she’s leant you a hand on more than one occasion – back off!

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