Dear Reader,

You guessed it, I am going on a road trip, leaving you with Glynsky and Pete here at the diablog for the weekend. And what better song to start a road trip then Autobahn form Kraftwerk?

Those guys are geniuses, in the true meaning of the word. No irony for a change. Few musicians had and continue to have such an influence on music and other musicians like Kraftwerk. In person the guys are a bit difficult, to put it nicely. But their music was far beyond the limits at that time. I’d say they were at least one generation ahead.

Talking about the generations, do you spend enough time with other generations?

This road trip I am showing a youngster around. We’ll drive around, listen to music, see interesting places, have great food and drinks and attend a party. “Burning down the house” would have been a good song for the occasion too.

The following song was popular, when the youngster was born:

Nice guy that I am, the youngster gets to pick the music during our drive.

Now I just hope, Glynsky and Pete will not ransack this place while I am gone. Stay tuned,
Engine Room