Hillary Clinton loves Wikileaks

Dear Reader,

Certainly you are following the news around “Cable Gate”, the documents released by Wikileaks.org. You don’t need diablog to alert you about this.

I’d like to direct your thinking into an additional direction:

The US State Department and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton,
are grateful for Wikileaks.

You think I’m nuts? Let me explain.

For the next days and probably weeks half the world population will be learning about and discussing the American perspective, the way the American government views and interprets the world.

No PR company and no diplomatic corps could have accomplished that!
No spin doctor could have come up with a campaign of such broad reach.

Of course, not everyone will agree, but that’s not the point. They will discuss it at least.
And yes, there are some less favorable sides to it, like spying on the UN and all the hurting egos around the world. But you know what, the people don’t care about those egos. Just the opposite, they are laughing about the drop of masquerades.

Millions of people will discuss how America sees the world. And what they have to cope with. For example, almost all neighbors of Iran want the USA to “change government” there. Were you aware of that, diablog reader?
In the past, the USA looked like the bad guy, who wants to overthrow the Iranian government. Now there are some others to look at. It seems, the US is working hard to keep some sort of peace.

I say, let the middle eastern governments openly ask for help. Like the Europeans had to, when not being able to sort out things on the Balkan. Let them beg for help. And pay for the whole mess. Hillary’s husband already did in 1999, she should do it now.

Side note to the German Minister Westerwelle: You want a permanent seat at the security council? How about solving that mess in Iran? After accomplishing that, you might get one. You know, achieving something and being rewarded for it, instead of just useless travel for fun.

So, dear Hillary, be grateful, enjoy the publicity and all the free press. It will save you numerous talks and explanations.

Give Julian Assange a medal, if you have not done so already. He’s been your best freelance/employee so far and deserves a reward.

Stay thoughtful,
Engine Room

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