Less Hope to get your Dope – from the Dutch

Dear Reader,

Please ignore this post, it is strictly for Pete’s eyes only.
Let me be clear, diablog in no way encourages, endorses or supports the use of drugs.

On the other hand, Pete is the only person capable of handling Glynsky 1-on-1 without Glynsky being in his usual restraints.
If you wondered how he manages, the secret is ……., yes, you guessed it, Glynsky gets his puff and off they go.
Needless to say, Pete has to calm his nerves before, during and after those sessions with Glynsky as well.
So, here you have it, two happy campers from the 60s. Think of them as Cheech and Chong, if you want.

Why am I revealing this?

Pete, you have to schedule your next trip to Amsterdam ASAP.
The new minority conservative Dutch government is planing to turn the famous Dutch coffee shops into limited clubs. The roughly 670 locations should be turned into “Members only”. Dutch members that is.

No more trips to Amsterdam, no more hanging around with international travelers at the famous Bulldog.

The new legislation would require coffee shops to be located about 350 yards away from schools. Sounds familiar? Yes, some US states have similar rules for pubs. That would reduce the number of coffee shops in Amsterdam from currently ~230 to only 36!

Estimates are, Amsterdam would loose about a million visitors annually.

Make that two more, Glynsky and Pete.

Stay sober,
Engine Room

8 Replies to “Less Hope to get your Dope – from the Dutch”

  1. Thanks for the warning, but fear not.
    I,Pete the Pot plant Purveyor,
    is on the case.
    I am already walking the Weesperstraat, in search of your daily dose.

  2. Wrong again ER. I had stocked up yesterday, but as they allowed me to place an advance Paypal order for the next century, I decided to ‘blow’ the lot this morning. Am at present in A+E of Aberdeen General as I got on nthe wrong tube train.
    Sorry chaps – I may be some while!

  3. I should add, that the Dutch government in 2008 was shtupid enough to prohibit smoking in coffee shops. Cigarettes, that is. So while you can smoke pot in there, for your cigarette you have to step outside.


  4. Oh Pete, I tried but she was too busy with Cheryl Cole – at least thats what I think she said!

    PS. ER – your slippy finger directs us to m(. I can believe m- or m%, but what is m(?

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