English is a foreign Language

 There are many things that keep me awake at night,
 some more serious than others.
 In order to not be accused of being a miserable git by my
 co diablog writers I will stick to the  more  trivial ones, for the moment…  

 I find the English language and  it’s many nuances a
constant source of amusement and frustration.

 Try teaching a 5 year old to read  the word
‘Wednesday’ sometime and you will see where I am coming from.

If there is one thing certain about English pronunciation,
it is that there is almost nothing certain about it.

I am informed that no other language in the world has
more words spelled the same way and yet pronounced differently.

Consider the ones shown below:

road – broad
five – give
heard – beard
early – dearly
beau – beauty
steak – streak
ache – moustache
low – how
scour – four
grieve – sieve
paid – said
break – speak

English pronunciation is so various—one might say random—
that not one of our twenty-six letters can be relied on for consistency.

Take as examples the c in race, rack, and rich

A quick test for Glynsky:
Explain  the B in debt, the A in bread, or the second T in thistle.

 In the letters OUGH, which can be pronounced in many different ways—

as in through, though, thought, tough, plough, thorough, etc.

I suppose at my age none of this is worth worrying about,
as many of my plans to change the World seem
to have fallen at the first fence.

Maybe I should be more like Glynsky (God help me) and stick with illiteracy.

After all he has done pretty well for himself considering
he has just failed a beginners course in Joined up speaking..

5 Replies to “English is a foreign Language”

  1. Your comment is brief and for you,very much to the point.
    Do me a favour and explain what it means.
    ‘Prat – Engine Room’

    Should you not be using an equals sign, or have I missed something?

    On the other hand, you could have written and discovered a brand new vital formula which shows the meaning of life, or the genetic make up of the Engine Room.

    Either way you are a genius.

  2. It’s a typo, Glynsky wanted to type Brat. But then, you know, his clumsiness.

    And I deserve a medal for AGAIN writing too instead of two. Yes, that’s worth a facepalm too.

  3. C’mon mon sheer Pete, Prat is declined as a gerund from Praticular (obviously in the passed interogative). Thus,
    Prat – (internet speak for ‘arsehole’) both equals and qualifies ‘Engine Room’.
    Arsehole – (internet speak for rabid prawn) equals, compliments and explains Engine Room.
    Wake up at the back! Slap!

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