well, well – you can tell tottenham’s doing well….

Dear diablog,

Have you noticed the big change in the last couple of days. Despite looking out of the window and believing it looks like the onset of winter out there, someone suddenly has a spring in their step.

Someone who we thought ‘grumps’ only in private, someone who follows the sad and run down part of north London, a wallflower who has suddenly turned, in the bat of a bale, into a stinking wort, a chick(weed) breaking into the light. Engine Room and I reel in awe at the pomp and power of Mother Nature to transform a lethargic sloth into a fleet leviathan – a mumbling jotter of notes into a wordsmith of no note.

The real Pete returns, following the front left lobe electrical shock therapy and a 12 bore to the ‘plates of meat‘ and even without the latest ruse to improve his humour:

just got these for the Mme. Glynskette stockings – before, after or during Christmas. I’ll make sure she wears them for you mon brave.
In the meantime, get refreshed and have a red nap – you’ll need it!
Ever yours, diablog and Pete,


The Law And The Jungle

Dearest Diablog,

I had a groveling apology from ITV this morning.
I had written to them re their attempts to sue me re breach of copyright regarding their Program.

‘I Know Glynsky So Get Me Out Of Here’

Fortunately for me, I know two of the fiercest lawyers in London.
They are the foul mouthed offspring of our mutual friend Dr Death, The Dentist.

One phone call and an abusive E mail from them did the trick, and ITV lay down with their legs in the air.

As a result of this there are now Hundreds of clips of Glynsky fainting, uploaded to the Internet.

They have decided that my need to show the Clip from their show was totally justified in view of the fact that I know, and have personally suffered at the hand of the Glynsky.

In fact they have accepted that it was ITV themselves who had breached our copyright, by making a show about man who should not be seen outside, during daylight hours.

Victory was therefore ours, especially when it was established that our very own ER had taken out, and registered a Patent, on Glynsky, five years ago.

Why BBC is banned – the purpose of Internets

Dear Reader,

It seems, Glynsky and I got Pete worked up, at least Strictly gone barking seems grumpier then most. I like that! Can I have more, Pete?

Different from Glynsky, I could not give a rats a** about any Celebrity-Chef-Star-Apprentice-Idol-Brother-Talent-Model-Bachelor-Looser.

If I want to see someone dancing, I watch one of the most popular internet video of all times, amateur-made “The Evolution of Dance“.

But that is not the point of this post.
The point is: old media vs. internets

And Pete is right, it is a war.

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je suis l’idiot du jour…

Dear Diablog,

I have noticed that both Engine Room and Pete try to bury their mistakes in a way that would bring a round of applause from the King of Labour Spin Alastair Campbell (mmmmm – yet another jock name I notice, and even more sinister (which is as we all know latin for …..lefty)) much admired and copied by Pete!

However, no time here for rumination despite pensive chewing on my herb salad. No, I have just kissed goodbye to Mrs. Pete (beatically beautiful lady) but received a goodbye kiss from Pete. Phraaatttt. Tongues in my oregano! And not even boiled with Salsa Verde.

With the affected superior air and poise of a real statesman, Pete tells us all airily that the BBC have capitulated! He  grandiosely announces this, in his new role as Diablog Chamber(lain)pot as he descends the steps of his tri engined Ikea Dornier at Croydon airport, that not only is there ‘peace in our time, the BBC have given us a piece of their time’ – and we believe him!

In addition, he commands me, nay chides me, whilst partying together earlier today, to clarify the roles of the Blind Dentist’s friends – Carpetmen 1 and 2 – mentioned in previous posts (zippos amongst them).

For once he is right, be clear my fading brain – lo what light yonder from the grimacing Pete shines.
Of course, diablog, I should have named them Doormat 1 and 2 to ensure you realised the level their abuse and exploitation by the Blind Dentist. Please note, diablog, I admit this in a full post, not lurking furtively in the comments of a previous one – nor in cosy chat ignoring the third, and most important, of the triumvirate – unlike some.

But it is not for this that I vote myself Idiot of the Day.

No, its ‘cos that cuddly coterie of Pete and Engine Room, rushing into each other’s arms and mutually sychophanting each other was foisted on you, diablog reader, by me, to my eternal shame and anguish.

‘Oh how clever you are Pete, ooo Engine Room I love you too, wow Pete how original, Love you too Engine Room, lets stitch up Glynsky Pete, what a great idea Engine Room’ – etc. etc. etc. – plus Pete is lying in his teeth!

Informants have told me that the BBC is planning a lightning strike at the International HQ in the early hours of Sunday morning which I might not survive. I know this because whenever they feel threatened they march East – like someone else but can’t remember who. However, Pete’s house is west of here, so I know it’s me who will get it in the neck. Its ok for those two to play ‘after you Claude’ whilst smirking at the thought me in suspenders dancing alone, but who is the real Patsie, or even Anne, here?

And why do the BBC feel threatened enough to lash out? Paso Doble; my patent pumps.

Pete sold out to them by swapping his copyright prosecution (by ITV) for the opportunity of snitching to Mr. Strictly about his activities this afternoon – which mostly involved simpering after a slim willowy Viennese blonde – again something remeniscent of days gone by as a precurser to other things.

I shall fight them off bravely single handed, waving a copy of Pete’s agreement in the other hand. Do either of them care, No. Do either of them offer help, No.

They are too involved in self congratulation, adulation and constipation to even imagine the impending catastrophe.

Tis I, diablog, who is idiot of the day’ for allowing us to be exposed to these two charlatans.

Diablog, I shall go down fighting


BBC in Blog Backdown

I have spent most of the night in secret negotiations with a Mr Strictly from The BBC.
The rest of their executive Board were also present.
Obviously they were in a state of total panic about the threat from Glynsky and The ER to ban them from our site.

They knew whatever the outcome of our negotiations, heads would roll, so I was in a position of some strength in insisting that Mr Strictly must resign before talks could begin.

By 4 AM there was total capitulation as The entire production team danced out the building into a life of oblivion.
Although I was reasonably happy at the outcome so far,
I had one more demand.
This took until 6.15 AM when agreement was struck.

Dear Diablog readers, I am proud to announce that Glynsky and ER

will  be dancing the Paso Doble on next weeks show.

That’s the last time the BBC will mess with us, but why is it always me, ‘Pete The Persuader’ who has to sort out the mess they get themselves into?

Greatest -not necessarily best- Pictures on Earth

Dear Reader,

One of our labels at diablog is photo, Pete is in charge of that. And Pete always insists we use pictures in our posts at diablog, you know, a picture is worth a thousand words, etc.

Since Pete neither posts a lot about photos, nor does he follow his rule, I thought I point out some photo related disport. Of course not with photos but links to spectacular ones:

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