well done bbc…

Dear diablog,

I have no idea if you have any idea of a BBC programme, soap in fact, screened four times a week called East Enders. For those who don’t know it is meant to be a gritty representation of life in the present day fictional East End of London – or at least that is I think what they would like you to think!

I have no intention of boring you with anything to do with this series other to mention that a) the scripts and plots have vastly improved over recent weeks and b) for a programme that has been lambasted for the lack of levity and smiling that is included, it has succeeded in coming up with the best ever throw away line ever written!

Essentially, in the 30th December episode, a character who has always been depicted as a loser and a bit stupid, addresses a woman character who is in the process of giving birth with the line (are you ready!)..

How delighted is your cervix!

Absolutely brilliant, delivered perfectly and ended my year on an absolute high.

I ask you diablog to join me in congratulating the writers, actors and good old Auntie for an absolute classic.

Still in tears diablog


Back To The Future

Firstly let me introduce you to the Robot in the photo above.
The lady in the centre  has been exclusively
hand built for the Glynsky and Pete Diablog to help
and assist you with any Tech news and information that
we may introduce in the New Year.

I am proud to say I had some input in her final finishing
touches, but let’s not talk about that right now.

I have always been interested in Robots, and having
worked with some in the past, have always thought
they had not advanced as much as I thought they
would have by now.

This is with the possible exception of our new model
shown above, who has yet to be named.

Glynsky is a prime example of the old technology,
unreliable, restricted, with tendencies to malfunction,
and occasionally explode.

I was reading some Tech article that tells us newer models
are on their way, and soon the Glynsky mark 1
will be replaced and hopefully binned.

what about london, and a real christina…

Dear diablog,

A couple of weeks ago I was honoured to attend a City Livery Club dinner where of all things I sat next to a lady whose real name was Christina – and even more amazingly she was married to a man called Pete! How extraordinary is that!

In addition, she was red headed and very attractive so, particularly as her husband was young and charming (unlike the old curmudgeon Pete to whom you are used) I had a very pleasant evening – for a change!!

The dinner I attended was in the City of London at one of the City Livery companies for the inauguration of the master for the coming year. A fine and delicious meal with exceptional service and with carol singing afterwards.

The City of London Livery Companies are in the main ancient institutions which were, for ease of description, the fore runners of Trade Unions set up in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries as a way of preserving quality and service against ‘cowboy’ competition – not much changes then does it! It is, however, important to stress that these ancient companies were ‘the bosses’ and not ‘the workers’. I suppose therefore that they are more akin to modern Trade Associations.

That these still exist at all, through all the tribulations of the passed several hundred years of war and attrition, is a credit to all who have ever been associated with them. For those who are unaware, the Lord Mayor of London is elected from these companies – the Mayor of London is totally different and a relatively modern institution voted for by the population of Greater London.

Almost every Company has its own hall, the most attractive of all, in my humble opinion, being that of the Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers of which I show you but a taste and which

from a rather non descript entrance on Dowgate Hill, EC4  reveals this on the inside Continue reading “what about london, and a real christina…”

zippos circus 7…

Mon chere M. Wenger,

Du bist le meillieur ( I deferentially address you in both your mother tongues to ensure that this message reaches only the God for whom it is intended)!

Finalment we have dashed the West London rabble – my heart sings and my appetite for now is replete. Pete’s lot still try to pretend that they have aspirations, what that far back! Ha, maybe 10th will do them – but even better, next time we will do them too.

Notre capitain ist Espanishe, and in homage to him (using the skills of another Frenchman)…

Allez les Rouges et Blancs! The educated side of Londres salute you.

Yours diablog, forever gooner,