zippos circus 7…

Mon chere M. Wenger,

Du bist le meillieur ( I deferentially address you in both your mother tongues to ensure that this message reaches only the God for whom it is intended)!

Finalment we have dashed the West London rabble – my heart sings and my appetite for now is replete. Pete’s lot still try to pretend that they have aspirations, what that far back! Ha, maybe 10th will do them – but even better, next time we will do them too.

Notre capitain ist Espanishe, and in homage to him (using the skills of another Frenchman)…

Allez les Rouges et Blancs! The educated side of Londres salute you.

Yours diablog, forever gooner,


3 thoughts on “zippos circus 7…

  1. Hi Anonymous and greetings.
    So pleased you found us and obviously enjoyed.
    Hope we keep entertaining you and please comnment whenever you wish.

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