well done bbc…

Dear diablog,

I have no idea if you have any idea of a BBC programme, soap in fact, screened four times a week called East Enders. For those who don’t know it is meant to be a gritty representation of life in the present day fictional East End of London – or at least that is I think what they would like you to think!

I have no intention of boring you with anything to do with this series other to mention that a) the scripts and plots have vastly improved over recent weeks and b) for a programme that has been lambasted for the lack of levity and smiling that is included, it has succeeded in coming up with the best ever throw away line ever written!

Essentially, in the 30th December episode, a character who has always been depicted as a loser and a bit stupid, addresses a woman character who isĀ in the process of givingĀ birth with the line (are you ready!)..

How delighted is your cervix!

Absolutely brilliant, delivered perfectly and ended my year on an absolute high.

I ask you diablog to join me in congratulating the writers, actors and good old Auntie for an absolute classic.

Still in tears diablog


2 thoughts on “well done bbc…

  1. Dear ER,
    Thank you so much for contacting us – we thought you buried under Christmas pud. Plonker, I have no inverted snobbery and enjoy EE – in fact generally speaking more than being with either or both of you or Pete. Get your thumb outa your sump and join the world.
    PS. Just can’t wait to see you tonight – not!

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