No More Christmas Music Part 1

The Engine room is broken down and may start up again in the new year, providing the ice can be thawed from his manifold gasket.
Meanwhile Glynsky sleeps the sleep of the dead.
His excesses on Christmas day as outlined in my post Fat Bastard In Luncheon Eruption even caused an minor earthquake in parts of the UK.

This is a time of peace and goodwill to all men.
Naturally this excludes the Beast of the bulls**t, or Glynsky, as his friends refer to him, or they would if he had any.
Someone, somewhere should write some New Year resolutions for him.
I could suggest one to be going on with.
As a small matter of politeness he should stop wishing people who cross him a slow painful death.

One day, someone might fulfill the contract that remains outstanding.
I paid good money for that ‘Hit’ and have no wish to see it go to waste.

I shall write more when there is some room on the Internet from the constant fake Xmas cheerfulness he continues to sprout.

In the meantime some decent music.

the real deal 8…

Dear diablog,

Ah me, Christmas is already becoming a memory – which in my case is a very good one. I hope yours is too,

So, towards the New Year we drift and maybe, just maybe, it is time for a collection of brilliant musicians of whom I’ve heard nothing for ages but whose music I play often. They were exceptionally innovative and it is very much ‘mood’ music, but seems fresh each time you listen.

Some of you may recall ‘Telephone and Rubber Band’ which was used in some advert or other. I am sorry if all the films are from one concert appearance, but they are good quality. Introducing The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, all they did was magic – hope you enjoy it too!

Ever yours diablog


Engine Room still in a mess…

Dear diablog,

Despite the recent footage of ER at Pete’s love nest, more has been uncovered since his return home. As I may see him on New Year’s Eve, my heart leadenly sinks, but at least I will be able to tell you if he still (hopefully) bears the scars.

In the meantime, I am sure you will enjoy seeing his discomfort – I certainly did, ingrate

I hope, diablog, that at least you have enjoyed your break!
Close the doors diablog,

its time to decide…

Dear diablog,

Opinions are divided and, as usual, the Grumps can’t decide!! Who do we adopt to be our Christina –

Maybe you should vote. I am sure whichever is chosen she will be given a resounding welcome at the International HQ, and at future board meetings – that’ll make sure ER turns up on time for a change!!!
Cast your vote diablog, comments if you prefer – one is a real Christina, the other is just someone we like and found. Your say is crucial – lets be hearing ya to start the New Year in style.
Yours agog diablog

Today’s Lunch Menu Chez Glynsky

Saturday, December 25th, 2010
Glynsky VIII, who ruled England from 1509 until his incarceration in 2010, was known for his voracious appetite. Portraits of Glynsky show a man almost as wide as he was tall.
When he wasn’t marrying, divorcing,
or beheading his wives he kept up long term sexual
relationships with imaginary friends often called Christina.
At the time of writing he is on his sixth marriage
who quickly won his heart and stomach
when she showed him her mince pies.
He enjoyed banquets so much that he extended the kitchen of Glynsky Towers to fill 55 rooms.
The 200 members of the kitchen staff provided meals of up to 14 courses for the 600 people .
Here are some dishes served at a typical meal at the Beasts Basement

1. Spit-Roasted Meat

Spit-roasted meat — usually a pig or boar — was eaten at every meal. It was an expression of extreme wealth because only the rich could afford fresh meat year-round; only the very rich could afford to roast it, since this required much more fuel than boiling; and only the super wealthy could pay a “spit boy” to turn the spit all day. In a typical year, the royal kitchen served 1,240 oxen, 8,200 sheep, 2,330 deer, 760 calves, 1,870 pigs, and 53 wild boar. That’s more than 14,000 large animals, meaning each member of the HQ was consuming about 23 animals every year. Continue reading “Today’s Lunch Menu Chez Glynsky”