New York Stories

Dear Reader,

Thanks to the ever indiscreet Pete you know now that I am in NY or better in the city.
Every NYer has stories. You have to have at least one about rats, cabs, roaches, stepping into puddles and many other issues, to be considered a local.

From now on I intend to share a few of mine on diablog, unless you tell me not to.

First, let me take you back almost 10 years. Continue reading “New York Stories”

cut the crap 10 – so what next?..

Dear diablog,

What fun has there been watching the supposed self destruction of Andy Gray (and his sycophantic side kick Richard Keys) particularly as I cannot stand the man!

The reality though is that, other than making some rather stupid comments – which as far as I am concerned is what he did all the time anyway – he publicly did little to justify becoming the prime target for all the ranting pc and feminist saddos in the UK.

What on earth is all this about? When or why was the decision made that it has become necessary to destroy (note the word, not just castigate) someone for being an idiot in public – with not even the opportunity granted for an explanation and/or apology? Do we live in a civilised society? Are you sure – have you been brainwashed (like Pete) by the supposedly self proclaimed ‘left leaning’ control freaks who feed the Grauniad and similar other lackeys with gratuitous pc and crap ideas.

These people (who decided that they would like to be known as the ‘new’ left, and have then, in many cases, hidden under the banner of ‘new’ Labour) are no more than old style Maoist/Stalinist/Hitlerian/Mugabe totalitarians who having lost all credibility have reinvented themselves and filled a vacuum caused by the demise of … Continue reading “cut the crap 10 – so what next?..”

I Am The One And Only…Again…

The  Delightful Engine Room When We First Started This Diablog

It would appear in recent months the Engine room and the Glynsky need to get away to recharge their ever fading batteries as often as possible.
If you refer to something as the ‘Engine Room’, it is supposed, by definition, to be the most important or influential part of that Organisation, or in our case, Institution for the Seriously Sick.

It is all very well if the man in question would remain still for five minutes, but recently he has spent more time racking up air miles, than he has ensuring the continued success of this Diablog.

He is to be found on a full time Pastrami Food Fest across the Pond.
He referred by comment, on my recent post, Save and Prosper, to my omission of not mentioning his name as one who needs saving.
I have to admit he was right, and with hindsight I should have put him at the top of my list.
They say that travel broadens the mind, or in his case increases the size of the waistline if he carries on like this.

If proof were ever needed that the ER is Burnt Out, then take a look a the photo evidence shown below
This is a direct result of ER’s frequent absences from his important Post.

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Save And Prosper?

Glynsky made us all cry with the sad news that his beloved Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese Italy, is likely to be ‘broken up’ which sounds a bit like the state of himself and some of his own cars.

Still one must not be cynical, as one mans meat is another mans Guiletta.

I hope that this museum is able to remain open and if it does I would suggest another prime exhibit.
That is Glynsky himself.
He is after all extremely old, slightly rusty, with an interesting Italian heritage, and of course a registered Alfaholic. I.e. perfect.
It  strikes me that a new attraction could be the difference between success and failure.
I have forwarded photographs to the Museum of what remains of him, but have yet to receive a response.

Glynsky’s latest passport photo. Would You Save Him??

Either way I hope Glynsky finds a way to save this museum, and himself, at the same time because to be honest, I am a bit sick of sorting out Glynsky and his problems.

I even helped save his life last week with limited success, as you can see from the picture below.

Funny Peculiar

Just so you all know what you should, or should not have been watching in 2010, have a look below at the winners and losers from the british comedy awards for 2010.
These are not my particular choices but those voted for at the awards by public vote.

Let us know dear Diablog readers, who you would have voted for.

Best New British TV Sitcom 2010

The Trip. Image shows from L to R: Steve (Steve Coogan), Rob (Rob Brydon). Image credit: Baby Cow Productions.The Trip

A low-energy improvised trip around the Lake District, Lancashire, and the Yorkshire Dales with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon playing versions of themselves. It doesn’t sound like the format for a hit sitcom, and split commentators on our message board fairly evenly down the love it/hate it line, but it grabbed the popular vote for best new TV sitcom of the year.

Tom Hollander’s church-based Rev came in a very respectable 2nd place, with Simon Amstell’s Grandma’s House, BBC Three puppet sitcom Mongrels, and the kitchen-based Whites also scoring well.

Worst New British TV Sitcom 2010

Trinny & Susannah: From Boom To Bust. Image shows from L to R: Susannah (Susannah Constantine), Trinny (Trinny Woodall). Image credit: T5M Studios.Trinny & Susannah: From Boom To Bust

Originating online as a series of short mockumentary episodes, Trinny & Susannah: From Boom To Bust evidently didn’t transfer well for a TV audience. We thought that the duo displayed surprisingly well-tuned comic timing, but Channel 4’s broadcast of the highlights of their web series doesn’t appear to have impressed many others.

Best Returning British TV Sitcom 2010

Peep Show. Image shows from L to R: Mark Corrigan (David Mitchell), Jeremy Osborne (Robert Webb). Image credit: Objective Productions.Peep Show

The seventh series of this cult sitcom finished just before voting opened, and clearly delighted many. With a general consensus that any perceived drop in quality around Series 5 has since been rectified, the low-rating Channel 4 show evidently remains massively popular with its fans. Two further series have been commissioned by the channel, but the first is unlikely to enter production until early 2012.

This was a particularly tough-fought category, with Miranda and The Inbetweeners only narrowly beaten in the polls. Continue reading “Funny Peculiar”

talking of which…

Dear diablog,

As you may have noticed, Pete and Engine Room have joined together in an unholy cabal to constantly find fault in all I post. The feeling of exclusion for me is becoming oppressive.

However, thanks to one of the many detective agencies I have been employing to assist me in assembling evidence for when I am ready to sue, I now know how they are able to work so closely together. You see them here, grooming themselves ready for the next assault!

What a great act diablog – well worth following !

In laughter, diablog