Save And Prosper?

Glynsky made us all cry with the sad news that his beloved Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese Italy, is likely to be ‘broken up’ which sounds a bit like the state of himself and some of his own cars.

Still one must not be cynical, as one mans meat is another mans Guiletta.

I hope that this museum is able to remain open and if it does I would suggest another prime exhibit.
That is Glynsky himself.
He is after all extremely old, slightly rusty, with an interesting Italian heritage, and of course a registered Alfaholic. I.e. perfect.
It  strikes me that a new attraction could be the difference between success and failure.
I have forwarded photographs to the Museum of what remains of him, but have yet to receive a response.

Glynsky’s latest passport photo. Would You Save Him??

Either way I hope Glynsky finds a way to save this museum, and himself, at the same time because to be honest, I am a bit sick of sorting out Glynsky and his problems.

I even helped save his life last week with limited success, as you can see from the picture below.

Personally I am a bit snowed under with saving things and even I, ‘Pete the Powerful’ have to prioritise.
Lets take a look at a few other endangered species on my mind apart from Glynsky.

I am currently busy saving the Whale, and the Elephants and Tigers, not forgetting the Albatross, Bears, Seals and so on.
This alone is taking some time even for me, and the following are still on my ‘to do’ list before lunch:

Save the Children
Save the Rain Forests
Save the Queen
Save the Date
Save the World

Then some woman I know wants me to Save The Last Dance.
It really is all go at the moment….

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  1. That was a deliberate omission as I assume was the missing A in your comment.
    Anyway, somewhat like Glynsky you are beyond salvation

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