cut the crap 10 – so what next?..

Dear diablog,

What fun has there been watching the supposed self destruction of Andy Gray (and his sycophantic side kick Richard Keys) particularly as I cannot stand the man!

The reality though is that, other than making some rather stupid comments – which as far as I am concerned is what he did all the time anyway – he publicly did little to justify becoming the prime target for all the ranting pc and feminist saddos in the UK.

What on earth is all this about? When or why was the decision made that it has become necessary to destroy (note the word, not just castigate) someone for being an idiot in public – with not even the opportunity granted for an explanation and/or apology? Do we live in a civilised society? Are you sure – have you been brainwashed (like Pete) by the supposedly self proclaimed ‘left leaning’ control freaks who feed the Grauniad and similar other lackeys with gratuitous pc and crap ideas.

These people (who decided that they would like to be known as the ‘new’ left, and have then, in many cases, hidden under the banner of ‘new’ Labour) are no more than old style Maoist/Stalinist/Hitlerian/Mugabe totalitarians who having lost all credibility have reinvented themselves and filled a vacuum caused by the demise of …
…true socialism in most of the world.

To define socialism is extremely difficult as it has always (its weakest point) embraced a wide church and even reading this definition shows how deeply confusing/confused it really is. It has, however, been largely discredited by a) the fact that these totalitarians claim to embrace/believe in it and b) generally speaking the modern West appears to only want to operate politically either just north or south of the middle.

Don’t get me wrong, the ‘right’ is just as confused – probably because most of the people who claim to be left are actually on the right!

At least the ‘Tea Party’ has been reasonably honest and told you what they believe in to allow you to either follow or not. I have no intention of discussing their ‘case’ here, but it has always seemed to me that the extremes of each wing are virtually in accord which is fascinating. The most interesting discussions I have ever had, with activists of either side, have been to adopt the view opposite to those to whom I am speaking and discover that in the final analysis we agree.

What does concern me however is the rapid and all embracing growth in public acceptance of the totalitarian approach. It would appear that from the basic socialist (misguided) concept of state control of the economy has grown the embracing of total state control fuelled partly by the population’s quest for infallible government (thus a ‘blame culture’) and the constantly reinforced fear/vilification of the extreme right. Though this arguably has some merit, no one seems to have noticed the insidious and successful advance of a pseudo left which seeks to invade and control every aspect of our lives. Although their task is made easier by the Internet, luckily this has also allowed individuality on occasion via blogs, Twitter and other ‘instant, means.

There is a lot more to this than a preliminary warning shot, and I have to say that in my conspiracist guise I think poor Andy was deliberately set up by Sky who wanted him gone – who ‘accidentally’ recorded and distributed the footage? – and he had no hope.

But, diablog, beware of what is happening around you. Big Brother has truly arrived and can only get worse.

Reflectively yours, diablog


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  1. One thing you can predict about Glynsky is that he is extremely predictable
    If anyone was going to turn the sacking of Gray and Keys into a right wing rant it would be him.
    No wonder he spends so much time in Austria and Italy, where the roots of his politics first started

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