I Am The One And Only…Again…

TheĀ  Delightful Engine Room When We First Started This Diablog

It would appear in recent months the Engine room and the Glynsky need to get away to recharge their ever fading batteries as often as possible.
If you refer to something as the ‘Engine Room’, it is supposed, by definition, to be the most important or influential part of that Organisation, or in our case, Institution for the Seriously Sick.

It is all very well if the man in question would remain still for five minutes, but recently he has spent more time racking up air miles, than he has ensuring the continued success of this Diablog.

He is to be found on a full time Pastrami Food Fest across the Pond.
He referred by comment, on my recent post, Save and Prosper, to my omission of not mentioning his name as one who needs saving.
I have to admit he was right, and with hindsight I should have put him at the top of my list.
They say that travel broadens the mind, or in his case increases the size of the waistline if he carries on like this.

If proof were ever needed that the ER is Burnt Out, then take a look a the photo evidence shown below
This is a direct result of ER’s frequent absences from his important Post.

Glynsky, on the other hand is already beyond any form of salvation andĀ  is no use to Man, or in his case Beast.
He is currently back in Vienna having entered their eat as much as you like Palatschinkencompetition which you can see from the photo is going rather well.

I notice that here has been a certain amount of publicity surrounding him in recent weeks and the Beast has taken a major step forward in his advance from being just a Pinup for Neanderthal man.
For the first time ever, he has been spotted standing ‘Upright’.
Nobody, least of all me, thought he would achieve such a major advance, but the proof of his new found stature is shown in this exclusive photo shown below.

It was shot secretly whilst Glynsky was exercising in the enclosure before his latest trip to Austria, which leaves me back here holding the Fort, as usual.

Someone has to remain responsible for this Diablog.
Someone has to pick up the slack.
Someone needs to organise a holiday planner to try and stop these two low-life’s swanning around The World at the same time.
It is time for another Board Meeting….

3 thoughts on “I Am The One And Only…Again…

  1. The only word of note in this libellous post is slack. Slack writing, slack research (it was a schnitzl fest), slack jawed and ever so Slack Alice. I think your brain may have become dislodged and in need of salt beef. If you fancy it (or are capable of fancying anything) let me know. I will be out.

  2. You are right about one thing
    My brain WAS dislodged on Monday night
    as a result of a fall from height onto my right temple
    Then direct to casualty.
    At home for last three days cant work cant drive
    Do they care? do they f..k

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