New York Stories

Dear Reader,

Thanks to the ever indiscreet Pete you know now that I am in NY or better in the city.
Every NYer has stories. You have to have at least one about rats, cabs, roaches, stepping into puddles and many other issues, to be considered a local.

From now on I intend to share a few of mine on diablog, unless you tell me not to.

First, let me take you back almost 10 years.

On September 12, 2001, I followed Rudi Gulliani’s advice to spent money. That day I bought a new suitcase, my old one was dead. For that I went downtown to the lower east side, the area around Orchard Street also known as the bargain district.
In one of the best and busiest luggage stores, Altman Luggage, I found my new Samsonite and thanks to the owner, at a bargain.

The Samsonite got a lot of mileage. Twice it was damaged by airlines, once customs broke into it. But it served me well for almost ten years.

Onto the present.
Yesterday I decided the suitcase needed to be replaced. Of course, I went down to Altman again. A nice sales lady introduced me to some pieces and eventually hit me with the price tag of $250, already reduced from $300, for the suitcase of my choice. When I started to bargain – that’s what you go there for – she pointed me towards the store owner.

The gentleman turned around, looked at me and said:

“I know you. I sold you a suitcase. Let me think. Wednesday after 9/11, a Samsonite, but I do not recall which model.”

That tells you a lot about New Yorkers. NY is often called an anonymous place. Let me assure you, it is not.

And after some bargaining, I got my new Samsonite Spinner. At a bargain, which I will not reveal. Go to Altman and find out yourself. It is worth it.

And I intend to follow the advice of my favorite luggage store owner: “Use it well”.

Stay traveling,
Engine Room

16 thoughts on “New York Stories

  1. so, rule one from ER was no gratuitous advertising. broken. rule 2 was don’t say where you are. broken. rule 3 was be interesting. broken.
    there are only 7 left – how long till….!!!!

  2. Thanks for that Anon – pity only ER knew the answer, and as usual he uses an unknown code to confirm his love of Nescafe.
    Glad you have joined us.

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  4. Thanks for that Anon.
    As ER says, we look forward to your return, and please comment wherever you wish, we will always reply.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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