I miss Pete

Dear Reader,

Diablog has two authors and me throwing in a post here and there. Lately, you have been over exposed to Glynsky’s rants and certainly under exposed to the always amusing Pete.

Unfortunately, Pete is rather busy taking care of someone in the family. And that comes first. He will be back soon. Until then:

Pete, I miss you, man!

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

very well done channel four…

Dear diablog,

Although the three of us, rightly, have political opinion, we do not feel that diablog is necessarily the right place to air it and have, in the main, elected to limit ourselves to teasing each other unless something happens that can be presented as a rant or reflects something of which we are all aware.

Despite Engine Room’s cynicism of old media, about which he usually has much to say, most of us for various reasons still rely on newespapers and TV.

From time to time in the UK we are treated to well considered drama on TV of which, so far this year, one of the best has just concluded as a four part series on Channel 4 – The Promise

The actors are mostly unknown and not necessarily ‘good’, the story is well woven and has much pathos, drama and certainly appears to be amply factual from what I know. It appears to have been made in collaboration with French TV channels and though there are ‘convenient’ passages/links in the plot, as a piece of political drama with present day implications it is superb.

I have to record that as far as I am concerned I am amazed that it has been screened in the UK at a reasonably ‘prime viewing time’ and must congratulate the writer and channel execs. for their candour and bravery in the decision to commission and screen it. I choose not to tell you more than that it is a tale with flashbacks of a young girl retracing her grandfathers diary of his life as a British soldier in 1946 – you make up your own mind.

Has Channel 4 decided to return to its previous role as a supplier of good quality drama – only time will tell, but this is at least a head and shoulders above the run of the mill and I recommend you diablog to watch it if you are able.

Yours diablog, reflective


Doesn’t anyone think about the children?

Dear Reader,

Sorry about this headline here on diablog. Usually, this is the hysterical cry of politicians, when they want to pass laws for filtering and censoring content online, on TV, in video games, books, music, etc.

Why am I using this headline?
Watch the following amateur video. It was shot at a train station. The people you are about to see had arrived and left the train, they were on their way to pick up the luggage and get out of the station.

Those pictures give me the creeps. The whole procedure is unnecessary, performed without common sense (screening feet?) and is not improving anyone’s security.

Now put yourself into the mind of the kids.

They are growing up with government officials searching them, neither identifying themselves, nor offering a plausible cause. At airports, train stations and when entering government buildings like courthouses.

By the time they are adults, being searched – without a warrant or probable cause – will be a routine for them. They grew up with it and experienced it dozens of times.
How likely are they, to question other equally intrusive and, at least in my eyes, illegal searches?

As a counter point, here is a very educational video, how situations like those can be handled, if you have Balls of Steel, that is:

Stay critical,
Engine Room

Oscar Night – watching livestreams online

Dear Reader,

Diablog is a movie fan, there is a category for movies. If you live in the US, watching the Oscars on Sunday is no problem, probably you are watching at an Oscar party anyway.
And as the World’s most watched TV event, internationally many TV stations are broadcasting it too. But once I was watching a foreign broadcast and the dubbing was horrible. What is your alternative?

Officially, the last events were not broadcasted online. But there were some websites, where one could find livestreams.

This year you can buyall access” for $4.99, Apple users can get an app for additional $0.99, it has been a bit more expansive to be a Steve Jobs fan. 

Alternative sources for live streams could be:

The sites are searchable, so you should be able to find a live stream there too.
Stay tuned,
Engine Room

christina is out to lunch…

Dear Diablog,

We have been very amiss in keeping you up to date with Christina’s progress in the International HQ.

Whilst her typing is now up to two fingers and she can spell Kat (her best friend here) she is still prone to the occasional ‘blonde’ moment when caught off guard

It is true, though, that without her to lighten each day we would have little to laugh about – other than at each other.

More power, diablog, to her ‘elbow’!