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If you are a “peer”, communicating and browsing the internets protected by Tor and I2p, please ignore this post. It will bore you. Unless of course, you would like to do some good. Then you are invited to join the Freedombox Foundation and help.

This post addresses mostly the normal or average internet “user”. The people who should be or become “peers”.

Last week, President Obama met with the CEOs of Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, etc, those people who profit from us using the internets. At the same time, the FBI was complaining to politicians, that it does not get all the data on us, that it wants. Sounds like the shepherds discussing to further fleece the sheep? To me it does.

In a few posts here on diablog we addressed the issues of censorship, freedom and privacy. The governments of Egypt and Libya recently shutting down internets and governments of the USA, France and Spain introducing censorship laws are proof of the importance of those issues to you as well.

Yesterday I found a brilliant speech by Eben Moglen. Please watch it after the jump break. You’ll enjoy, he is – among other things – very entertaining.

As reported by the NY Times, Eben Moglen has started the above mentioned initiative to take back the internets, “Freedombox“. The Freedombox will enable you to use the internets safely and in private. It will give you control over your data. It will lock out government agencies and private corporations trying to spy on you.

We just donated to the Freedombox:

Feel free to follow our lead,
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2 thoughts on “Freedom and Privacy online

  1. Ok ER, I am willing to run with this for a while, and will listen to this hour long lecture at another time. Why? Because whilst I don’t fully (as the speaker) understand why they want to do it anyway, I feel that the intrusion into our lives by something as simple as an Oyster card is revolting -and, spying!! I also think that our children were/are the last to be properly and completely free – and, to Pete’s chagrin, I am not convinced that this is being brought about by the right. It is rooted in the control prerequisite of the supposed left revolutionary. More later – and by the way, how much have we given??

  2. Thanks!

    The freedombox will decentralize the internet.
    Over the last 20 years the “power” moved from the user/peer to big servers/corporations. Let’s swing the pendulum back a bit.

    We gave too little, add a few bucks if you can.


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