Calm Down Dear…It’s Only A Wedding

Prince Harry performs the ancient royal ceremonial of the Frightening of the Children.

Prince William dons his Speedos for the traditional wrestling of the Chastity Crocodile.

The first of the 92,000 guests begin to arrive at Westminster Abbey.

The royal correspondents compete in a knock-out game of Name That Foreign Dignitary.

An estimated 12,000 members of the armed forces line the route from Prince William’s chambers to the royal car.

Kate Middleton leaves Croydon Holiday Inn. Gets stuck in traffic. Continue reading “Calm Down Dear…It’s Only A Wedding”

from me, at least, congratulations…

Dear diablog,

Sadly, as previously seen here, Pete wants nothing to do with a day of joy and general bonhomie

and joins one of his heros (who is the most miserable git ever, and should realise that many of us think of him as both pompous and pretentious)

but I, at least, want to wish

Will and Kate all happiness for their lives together, and thank them for a day off from all the problems that beset us and bringing some joy, however brief, into this world. I bet that even Engine Room, that all time bachelor cynic, will get something out of the day – even if it is only confirmation that he is interested in being disinterested.
Good luck you two, with people like Pete (and Morrissey, the Blind Dentist and Doormatman 2) around, you are going to need it. They are able to ruin anything that smacks of fun or plain human happiness.
Wishing you, diablog, and them, a long and happy life.

Internet Censorship – Why the EU commission really wants it

Dear Reader,

In a comment here to my post about the EU commission working to establish EU-wide censorship, Glynsky raises the same old, smoke screen, pseudo arguments:

  1. protecting children
  2. extremists and hate speech

This gets me into somewhat of a rage. Continue reading “Internet Censorship – Why the EU commission really wants it”

the real deal 17, great scott…

Dear diablog,

Still delving into the past I have suddenly realised that I have not yet mentioned a man whose late ’50’s and early ’60’s recordings always figure on my juke – Jack Scott.

He apparently is still going strong but sadly little is on Youtube for this great rock and roller, probably as the early stuff was at a time with little television coverage, but if he still tours little has been posted. I was only able to find a couple, the first of which is

performed at a relatively recent concert (1988) at which he starred with a number of his own songs which include ‘What In The World’s Come Over You’, which has been covered by nearly everyone.

However, killing two birds with one stone, several of his numbers were ‘covered’ by one of the best mid ’70’s rock and roll revival bands, complete with crepe soled shoes and garish costimes, Showaddywaddy, including

and, in the late ’70’s, their version of… Continue reading “the real deal 17, great scott…”

EU Law Enforcement Working Party (LEWP) wants internet censorship

Dear Reader,

Free access to information, a free internet, is near to our hearts here at diablog. Thus, I gave you some information on internet censorship here.

Today I learned about a new censoring plan from within the EU government, which tops it all.

The “Council of the European Union” has a working group, called Law Enforcement Working Party (LEWP). LEWP met on February 17, 2011, the minutes are available at as PDF file.

Here’s the quote:

The Presidency of the LEWP presented its intention to propose concrete measures towards creating a single secure European cyberspace with a certain “virtual Schengen border” and “virtual access points” whereby the Internet Service Providers (ISP) would block illicit contents on the basis of the EU “black-list”.

This is an attempt to block all internet content, that the EU does not want you to read or see.

It is the equivalent of the notorious Great Wall of China.

If you are a EU citizen, it is time to call your representative and tell him/her what you think about censorship and Chinese style human rights.

Stay free,
Engine Room