the real deal 21, brothers in arms…

Dear diablog,

Still going with the Rock ‘n’ Roll theme, there are two brothers who influenced  many – Don and Phil Everly. First appearing on a TV show as very shy 18 and 20 year olds endeared then to everyone…

though more composed with Alma Cogan in the UK sometime later – singing first the only pop 78 I have (though I replaced it with a 45 very soon later, much to my uncle’s disgust and he took back the 78!) Bird Dog together with I Kissed Ya – both which feature regularly on the Glynsky Towers juke system

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High Politics – on diablog

Dear Reader,

Although not a political blog per se, diablog had its fair share of political posts. We live in “interesting times”, the global map has changed quite a lot in less then five (!) months only.

In his most recent post here, Glynsky throws what I consider the hottest potato: Israel. Pete added to it here, now let me pick it up and add a few words.

If you are not into politics or don’t care, kindly ignore this post, please.

For many years I am pondering one question:

How is Israel supposed to exist, when all or almost all its neighbors don’t want it to? Continue reading “High Politics – on diablog”

cole is from newcastle…

Dear diablog,

I think the actual phrase is ‘taking coals to Newcastle’ but we seem to use ‘from’ often as well – I have no doubt our emeritus English professor SGM will leap on (!) this one.

There was a small mention on the news last night that Cheryl Cole has been axed from some American ‘talent’ show –

– and I can only agree with the Grauniad – no loss, big hair!!

This sacking/publicity stunt/non news worthy item, will give me hours of chuckles this week end as one of the reasons given was that Americans wouldn’t understand her accent. For a vast country boasting every possible interpretation of the English language and regional patois almost richer than anything one could find in Europe, I find it stunning, if not unbelievable.

The only ‘wrong foot’ this redoubtable manipulative bimbette has ever made is to marry an excellent but amoral footballer. Everything else is brilliantly managed PR. She can’t sing, she can’t talk and she is very height challenged – needs to be noticed!

However, it may be that you don’t know where Newcastle is, or have experienced its accent – which I have to admit even I find challenging! I get, at best, to one word in 4!

Known correctly as Newcastle upon Tyne, it is in the North East of the UK –

– but probably, and more pertinent to the language, this standard British schoolboy history lesson map will help… Continue reading “cole is from newcastle…”

another bit from the found archive 6, i am a union man…

Dear diablog,

We have spoken before of the found movie and Sash Fisher related archive from which we reveal another fragment.

He used three names during his career, Sasha, Sash and his real name, Alexander. I believe that the first two are commonly used ‘familiars’ of the third, which was obviously mainly used in correspondence.

One of the main problems of the Internet is whether or not who you read about (or talk to!) actually exists or existed. Proof, as they say, is of the essence.

Well, diablog, guess what we just found, which should prove…

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