another bit from the found archive 6, i am a union man…

Dear diablog,

We have spoken before of the found movie and Sash Fisher related archive from which we reveal another fragment.

He used three names during his career, Sasha, Sash and his real name, Alexander. I believe that the first two are commonly used ‘familiars’ of the third, which was obviously mainly used in correspondence.

One of the main problems of the Internet is whether or not who you read about (or talk to!) actually exists or existed. Proof, as they say, is of the essence.

Well, diablog, guess what we just found, which should prove…

…this one to be completely kosher!

and which on the reverse shows the relevant contributions!
though why this particular year ends in June will remain forever a mystery!? – unless you, dear reader, can edify us. Talking of which, if you can add anything  to clarify or expand (via comments) these ‘treasure chest’ items, we would be forever grateful – and probably also the people/ occasions identified.
We are led to believe that Sasha was one of the founding members of this ‘union’ and will give as much information on it as possible in forthcoming posts.
Yours, diablog, digging deep