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Although not a political blog per se, diablog had its fair share of political posts. We live in “interesting times”, the global map has changed quite a lot in less then five (!) months only.

In his most recent post here, Glynsky throws what I consider the hottest potato: Israel. Pete added to it here, now let me pick it up and add a few words.

If you are not into politics or don’t care, kindly ignore this post, please.

For many years I am pondering one question:

How is Israel supposed to exist, when all or almost all its neighbors don’t want it to?

Yes, I am aware of the few peace treaties with Egypt for example. But these are official, political documents, what does the majority of the people think?

I am not blaming one side or the other. Like in every conflict, all sides play their roles.

And I am fully aware of the mistakes made during the establishing of the State of Israel. The then world powers did not care much about what the people in the region thought or wanted. In colonial, imperialistic tradition, they made decisions, drew random borders, ignored history and offended pretty much everybody.

To better make my point, let me compare Israel with the most unlikely counterpart, Germany.

There is no question, Germany started two World wars. With WW II being the most horrible crime of all times. Tens of millions of people were killed.
Germany occupied its neighboring countries, raided and looted them and tortured and harassed their citizens. Germany brought real terror onto its neighbors.

Never the less, after surrendering in 1945 not one neighbor questioned the future existence of a German state, of Germany as a nation.

How do we get the people and politicians in the Middle East to grant each other the right to exist in a state?

Sadly, I have no answer. And I am very eager to hear one, or many.

Stay hopeful,
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