There Is Nothing Like A Dame…

When I am not avidly reading the posts from our esteemed Diablog writers I do a bit of  pen pushing myself.

Over the  the last 10 years or so I have written and directed a few Pantomimes that have included my interpretations of Cinderella, Robin Hood, Alladin, and Treasure Island.

It would appear that I am about to be lumbered again with writing another,  and whilst writing this post what is left of my addled mind is trying to come up with a script and music for the next Production due to be performed this December.

I have had enough pressure in my life to have no need for another deadline but once you commit you are committed, and in my case perhaps I should be. Continue reading “There Is Nothing Like A Dame…”

don’t tell too many people part 4c, obrigad’….

Dear diablog,

Having given you the ‘kulturni’ trip to Lisbon and Portugal from my recent reinamoration I thought I would finish with some photo reminiscences!

Start with small boy on the beach…

We had found ourselves in a place called Roz de Arelho which, if I am honest, was the most family friendly place I have ever seen – acres of beach, the choice of sea or lagoon (which is tidal so stunningly clean) and dad had scooped out an ‘Interstellar Sweptwing Fighter’ from the sand complete with joystick and instrument panel. The tot spent hours at the controls, conquering we know not whom or where, but transfixed in his own world!

100 metres away was the Atlantic in all its crashing might…

– and from where we kept trying to shout to Engine Room a mere 3,170 miles away in New York – but the boy remained steadfast in his dream world!

As usual, Glynsky returns to food and… Continue reading “don’t tell too many people part 4c, obrigad’….”

Setting for the next ‘Bored Meeting’

Dear Reader,

It looks like a sportive week, here on diablog and out in the World.

Glynsky seems to be watching the Women’s Soccer Championship.
Pete and the blind dentist, our Tennis cracks, probably are following Wimbledon.
And our beloved commentator and resident Adonis, SGM, is at the gym.

In related news, Pete asked for another board meeting. And here is the setting in which I’d love to have our next board meeting, please:

Enjoy the music and the ship,
Engine Room

No sports, please, but sailing anytime

Dear Reader,

Glynsky and Pete seem to be glued to the TV watching the FIFA Women’s Soccer Championship. I won’t speculate about their reasons, that would only get me into more trouble. Them making fun of me disliking “sports” here on diablog was enough.

I admit, Winston Churchill’s line:

Always a good cigar, sometimes a good whisky and no sports!

is one of my all time favorites. Another good one is:

Satire is being silly about the serious.
Sport is the exact opposite.

Mind you, during a normal week any NYer probably walks more miles then your average person during a whole month. But I don’t consider that “sport”.

And there is another activity I truly love and that others might consider sport, some even call it an art, and that is sailing.

Let me explain, how I came to love sailing and why it’s so wonderful.
Luckily, I was introduced to sailing at a young age and by real pros.
The first lessons were given on those great boats:

It is called a Folkboat, ours did not have engines though. Our teachers were old school and always said: Continue reading “No sports, please, but sailing anytime”

could the coming summer get any better – yep…

Dear diablog,

A short while ago I posed this question believing that I knew the answer.

Well, diablog, I was a little mistaken – and somewhat too hasty! No sooner does my brand new 45rpm lovely glossy vinyl disc from guess who come through the door, then that lil’ lady resurfaces with…

which is rapidly followed with almost her best song yet… Continue reading “could the coming summer get any better – yep…”

Update: #Skype doesn’t know, #MS is eavesdropping

Dear Reader,

Privacy and censorship are important issues here on diablog. That is one reason, why you can comment anonymously. We’d like to hear the truth.

And we are using Skype. The news about Microsoft (MS) being able to eavesdrop on voice over IP communication – specifically Skype – as reported here, alarmed me. Especially, since MS just bought Skype.

So today I contacted customer support via chat. My simple question was:

Your new owner, Microsoft, applied for a patent to silently record Skype communication (link provided). What will Skype do about it?

Like almost always these days, a more friendly then knowledgeable person tried to feed me canned answers:

“Microsoft and Skype entered into a definite agreement for Skype to be bought for 8.5 Billion US Dollars, enabling us to offer our great service to more people then ever”.

Great, I know, but what has that to do with my question?

“We understand your concern about privacy, please see our privacy policy.”

Equally great, and equally unrelated to my question.

After a few minutes the person admitted to being too challenged and my chat was transferred to his supervisor. Continue reading “Update: #Skype doesn’t know, #MS is eavesdropping”