another bit from the found archive 7, space to spare…

Dear diablog,

Continuing the series of the treasure of information that we have uncovered, we turn again to the achievements of Yuri Gagarin 50 years ago and his visit to London and the UK during 1961.

First, this may be of interest to those who are researching or collecting information on this subject, as it has had a far reaching effect on all humanity and it is always of value to read the recollections of others. And this becomes even more poignant as the US is about to embark on its last Shuttle – surely this is more interesting than listening in on other peoples conversations?

And┬ásecond, a further shot from the archive (with Sasha partially hidden behind Gagarin’s right shoulder, and I find it intriguing that the guy second from right was with the lady having a ‘bad dress day’ mentioned earlier) and therefore, it would seem, at the same venue and time but with a new ‘celeb’

which was taken at the time of the UK tour. Again we are unable to confirm if this was taken in London or Manchester, but wherever it was, they all look very busy, and Yuri is obviously feeling pensive. Maybe he had had his first black pudding for breakfast!

Yours, diablog, firmly on earth


12 thoughts on “another bit from the found archive 7, space to spare…

  1. Why should Yuri look pensive after a mere black pudding? He is famous for visiting the Cricova Wine Cellar in Moldova and coming out 2 days later.
    As for black puddings, the best are made by Charles Macleod in Stornoway. My brother live in Scotland and he always brings me some.
    Best Wishes from Tashkent and it is raining. It never rains in June in Tashkent!!!

  2. The rain lasted max 2 hours, just enough to freshen up the air. Today, sunny with blue sky and heading for 35 degrees.
    Off to the wonderful Railway Museum to see old steam locomotives.
    I look forward to the post on Scotland.

  3. BTW, some private amateurs launched a rocket last week, all financed through donations. A manned flight will follow soon.

    Yay, I’ll put on Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath – right now.


  4. Better to be an old boiler than the human equivalent of the Battersea Dogs Home. There have been plenty of old dogs in your time.

  5. Have to admit some were ruff ruff! But then, Mme Glynskette knows I am a saint.
    If you wish, I’ll take you Campostilla via the Emirates.

  6. Greetings from Sardinia
    The weather and the women are all improving.
    I think your Blog is very clever and well written (especially the bits that Pete writes)
    I look forward to re-joining your wonderful Diablog on my return.
    Please don’t miss me too much
    Pete xx
    (slightly pissed)

  7. Dear Pete,
    So much for “only the others get to go to nice places”.
    At least it answers the implied question in my post minutes ago.

  8. So why are we suddenly back on this one? There was I, revelling in the joy that is Peteless, and blow me, he gets pissed and we all have to suffer again.
    The lengths to which he will go to watch a decent game of football!

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