Jazz – don’t be scared of it

Dear Reader,

Jazz is a music style, that scares off a lot of people. The “intellectuals” and – even more “wannabe intellectuals” – gave Jazz an elitist image. That is, of course, bullocks.

Jazz is no different then any other music, or art. You don’t have to have theoretical background knowledge to decide, whether you like something or not. And that is all that matters for a start.

So, to get your feet wet in Jazz I recommend the all time best selling Jazz solo album:


This is wonderful piano music. Sitting in front of a fire place and listening to this record is a real pleasure. The Köln Concert gave me many wonderful moments.

And now let’s hit all those Jazz snobs over the head, shall we?

Because the music of this best selling Jazz album was “inspired by” (yes, I mean lifted off from) a classic composer, Eric Satie. Just listen to Satie’s works like the pieces here, and you will know. Here is the first:

So please, ignore the snobs, and enjoy what ever is labeled “Jazz” without prejudice. You will find many great pieces. Maybe Glynsky will add a few to diablog.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

3 thoughts on “Jazz – don’t be scared of it

  1. Mmm, a couple of giveaways there!
    First, the only bullocks to be found in the UK pull carts with the detritus of SGM and Pete’s football team.
    Second, You are bang on about the prawns who ’embrace the innovation’ of what is often a self centered exhibition of musical narcissism.
    Third, and ‘cos I like you, when you are next in London promise to take you to a couple of great jazz venues. Not just great musicians, but great places to go.
    Sorry SGM – you are banned.

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