A Song for SGM – In Memoriam Miami

Dear Reader,

SGM is a loyal reader of diablog and – even more importantly – an avid commentator. Some of his comments are critical. Like this one here, where he complains, that my chosen song, Pirates by Emerson Lake & Palmer, is too long.

Always appreciating hints where to improve, I promised a shorter piece for him. He does deserve it, doesn’t he?
Contemplating what to play for SGM, my thoughts went to his trip to Miami and the song I had picked then, Will Smith – Going to Miami from the 90s. He had been pleased, but I could have done better, taking his age into consideration.

So, SGM, this is for you, the hymn (anthem for Glynsky) of the 80s, the perfect song to remember your drive in a convertible from Miami down to the Keys:

With three minutes and 30 seconds only, even Alzheimer’s couldn’t spoil that.

Enjoy the memories,
Engine Room

2 thoughts on “A Song for SGM – In Memoriam Miami

  1. Thanks ER. You are a Gentleman and a Friend (unlike Glynsky). I just woke up and yor post and choice of music has made my day. I can already feel the sun on my head.
    Once again, Thanks.

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