Update: #Skype doesn’t know, #MS is eavesdropping

Dear Reader,

Privacy and censorship are important issues here on diablog. That is one reason, why you can comment anonymously. We’d like to hear the truth.

And we are using Skype. The news about Microsoft (MS) being able to eavesdrop on voice over IP communication – specifically Skype – as reported here, alarmed me. Especially, since MS just bought Skype.

So today I contacted customer support via chat. My simple question was:

Your new owner, Microsoft, applied for a patent to silently record Skype communication (link provided). What will Skype do about it?

Like almost always these days, a more friendly then knowledgeable person tried to feed me canned answers:

“Microsoft and Skype entered into a definite agreement for Skype to be bought for 8.5 Billion US Dollars, enabling us to offer our great service to more people then ever”.

Great, I know, but what has that to do with my question?

“We understand your concern about privacy, please see our privacy policy.”

Equally great, and equally unrelated to my question.

After a few minutes the person admitted to being too challenged and my chat was transferred to his supervisor.The supervisor needed a few minutes to grasp the situation. And then it came:

This is news to us.

I cannot answer your question.

I will escalate this matter to management, if you agree, and we will be in touch.

Naturally I agreed.

And I have to say, I do not envy those people. Skype has over 600 Million users. At any given time, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions online.

I guess, over the next couple of days, Skype customer service will be quite busy. They better find an answer soon.

I’ll keep you posted,
Engine Room