don’t tell too many people part 4c, obrigad’….

Dear diablog,

Having given you the ‘kulturni’ trip to Lisbon and Portugal from my recent reinamoration I thought I would finish with some photo reminiscences!

Start with small boy on the beach…

We had found ourselves in a place called Roz de Arelho which, if I am honest, was the most family friendly place I have ever seen – acres of beach, the choice of sea or lagoon (which is tidal so stunningly clean) and dad had scooped out an ‘Interstellar Sweptwing Fighter’ from the sand complete with joystick and instrument panel. The tot spent hours at the controls, conquering we know not whom or where, but transfixed in his own world!

100 metres away was the Atlantic in all its crashing might…

– and from where we kept trying to shout to Engine Room a mere 3,170 miles away in New York – but the boy remained steadfast in his dream world!

As usual, Glynsky returns to food and……the choices for sustenance available, diablog, from the multitude of excellent beach restaurants ranges from

the ubiquitous – and for ever delicious plate full of grilled sardines, with or without piri piri – to the most stonking sized, amazingly tasty, so called Tiger Prawns – ever!!!

which if sold in a London restaurant would be a) called ‘medium’ lobsters and b) cost 10 times that which we paid!

At this point, the small boy took notice and had a plate of clams, would you believe!!!

Portugal, obrigado, it was the most captivating time in a country of beauty, with people to match.

Yours, diablog, in reverie and anticipation


9 thoughts on “don’t tell too many people part 4c, obrigad’….

  1. Are you planning to emigrate to Portugal or are you the new Director of the Portugal Tourist Board? If emigrating, I would be pleased to help with the air fare.

  2. Have I got this right Pete – you are going to help me have an affair? Can I rely on you – I’ll post you her phone number.
    But please, lets get ER stranded on the Azores – he always wanted to be a Coastguard but was refused as he was half and half. Best place for him.

  3. Half and Half?
    Half Bitter and Half Mild?
    A comment for older English beer drinkers.
    Glynsky and ER now totally confused.

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