Setting for the next ‘Bored Meeting’

Dear Reader,

It looks like a sportive week, here on diablog and out in the World.

Glynsky seems to be watching the Women’s Soccer Championship.
Pete and the blind dentist, our Tennis cracks, probably are following Wimbledon.
And our beloved commentator and resident Adonis, SGM, is at the gym.

In related news, Pete asked for another board meeting. And here is the setting in which I’d love to have our next board meeting, please:

Enjoy the music and the ship,
Engine Room

5 thoughts on “Setting for the next ‘Bored Meeting’

  1. Dear ER. What a relaxing way to wake up, watching the video and listening to the music, Thank you fot the Adononis remark. It reminded me of the 1970s when I was still at school and very fit with shoulder length hair. My 15 (sorry 16) year old girlfriend bought me the most famous record of Carly Simon. You will know which one.
    Today, it is only the gym and early morning walks along the beach eg. Miami and even better Vancouver Island. No more the war on the Football, Rugby or Hockey pitch for me.
    Today I work on the principle that a man should be of 3 metals. A body of iron, silver in the hair and gold in the pocket,
    I am still in Bologna and going to Dozza this evening. A really beautiful small town.
    Have a good one!

  2. Flattery, flattery! Adonis, are you sure – methinks more like puck.
    3 metals, pah! Body of plastic, castrol in the hair and a hole in the pocket.
    Are you sure you not joining Pete in Dosser?

  3. Never a constructive comment from Glynsky. Talking of being constructive, I once bought Glynsky a box of Lego. After a few hours he returned to me with a proud grin on his face and said “On the box it is written for 2-4 years, but it only took me 2 hours!”

  4. Your a quite right I am following as much of the tennis as as I can.
    I am not sure what the blind dentist is doing.
    He is usually asleep during June and July.
    I would confirm my attendance on the suggested ship.

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