There Is Nothing Like A Dame…

When I am not avidly reading the posts from our esteemed Diablog writers I do a bit of  pen pushing myself.

Over the  the last 10 years or so I have written and directed a few Pantomimes that have included my interpretations of Cinderella, Robin Hood, Alladin, and Treasure Island.

It would appear that I am about to be lumbered again with writing another,  and whilst writing this post what is left of my addled mind is trying to come up with a script and music for the next Production due to be performed this December.

I have had enough pressure in my life to have no need for another deadline but once you commit you are committed, and in my case perhaps I should be.Rehearsals are due to start at the end of August with a cast and crew already in place and as of this evening there is NO script.
When I say No script I actually mean that I haven’t started typing anything.
There aint no beginning, middle, let alone some kind of ending.
I need to choose the songs and write the lyrics, and start to consider who is going to play what part and sing what song.
So no pressure then, but perhaps like the rest of you I do tend to respond to a deadline and hopefully words will start to flow.

One positive thing has at least emerged in the last few days and that is at least I think I have a title for the Panto.
This december we WILL, (hopefully) be performing a new version of Snow White And The Seven Dwarves.
Over the coming weeks I will keep Diablog readers up to date on the progress I am making.
The song uploaded below sums up the mood of the moment but then again it was used in a previous production with the words changed to suit the plot.

This is the great original version and take my advice play it on full volume.

20 thoughts on “There Is Nothing Like A Dame…

  1. Brilliant, now you start re-posting songs, that I have put up already?
    When I did that with Vienna by Ultravox once, you two were all over me.


  2. I knew I had posted it before and may well do so again.
    You in return can upload Vienna whenever you like cos it’s a great song

  3. Delighted you refer to my first language. I confess to a slip of the tongue from time to time – but then mine is lingual, unlike you lot who resemble slavering dogs.
    If however you need to be reminded, The Right Hon. Anthony Bliar and his Mafia used this song as a sop to the masses for their banditry.
    Snow Brown and the Seven Banks?

  4. And by the way, your scripts, lyrics and productions are BRILLIANT.
    I have had the REAL pleasure of seeing nearly all of your efforts and can@t wait for this one.
    The only trouble – we are talking winter and haven’t had summer yet!

  5. What a day! Got up at 5 am after only 5 hours sleep after an excellent dinner in Dozza. Took early morning flight from Bologna to Vienna. Had a coffee in lounge and was then transferred by car to the steps of the plane to Vilnius. Had to wait in car as there was a technical problem. Then I noticed that they started unloading luggage. Taken by car back to lounge, only to be informed that the flight had been cancelled. Vilnius can be reached by morning and evening flights and I had now missed all possible connections and only possibility was to fly via somewhere and to arrive in Vilnius late this evening. Decided to stay in Vienna for weekend and to look for flat for Glynsky (he is not staying with me!). Tomorrow I will go to Flea Market and look for his typewriter. I think an IBM Golfball would be nice as he likes sports.

  6. SGM what a tolerant and luverly person you are! Can’t wait to move in, though not sure of the Golfball. As Sir Alan’s prized apprentice I deserve an Amstell. Please can you arrange for all flights to New York to ge grounded – please – we don’t want ER bumping into a stewardess.

  7. Since when you do drink beer?
    I found you a room in the cellar of the Slovak Refugee Camp. The only problem is that the owner has to pass through at dawn and dusk as he leaves his stretch Skoda in the adjoining garage.
    Also on Sunday morning, you would have to put up with the noise of the terrible sex.

  8. So what’s new? I would prefer a ’68 Tetraplan with the silly rear wing (where have all those gone?).
    And at least, ER, I can take Rock ‘n’ Roll to join Mozart. He was a cool dude!

  9. It is actually called a Tatraplan.
    If you really want one, I can find for you provided that you have the money or can borrow of Pete.

  10. Transportation, my dear Pete, is a personal matter or Glynsky should provide. Does he have a stretch Alfa Romeo? I hope not red as we don’t like red around WHL.

  11. Dear SGM
    I was advised by Glynsky that the holiday to WHL was all inclusive and included return flights to Galley Bay Antigua for 2 weeks before the drop off to see the match.
    He hasn’t been misleading me has he?

  12. I answer your question with another question. Has he ever mislead you? I think that all readers know the answer to that.

  13. Sorry Pete, I must have said ‘Antigua’. What I meant was ‘ you can spend two weeks working in the galley of Auntie’s boudoir’.
    Apologies for any inconvenience.

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