Chelm -> Gotham -> Royston

Dear Reader,

Sometimes the decline in privacy and increase in censorship makes me sad and sometimes angry. On rare occasions it makes me laugh.
The following news made me laugh and I hope you and all at diablog will at least get a smile or grin out of it.

Are you familiar with Chelm? If not, do the Wise Men of Gotham ring a bell? Well, it seems, the English felt a need for another crazy town and that call was answered.

According to the Telegraph – or as Pete calls it ToryGraph – the small town of Royston, Hertfordshire, wants 100% camera surveillance around town (quote):

The system records the number plates of all vehicles passing through the cameras, logging their details in national database for up to five years.

Yes, they want every motorist filmed and all images and data stored for five years. Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984.

By now it is common knowledge and a proven fact, that camera surveiliance DOES NOT prevent crimes. Some recent studies even suggest, cameras attract violent criminals. Beatings at rail way stations seem to happen more often, once cameras are installed.
And all your CCTV systems in the UK didn’t increase security. You are the most camera monitored people in the world and the results are zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

But back to the new Chelm aka Royston. Continue reading “Chelm -> Gotham -> Royston”

Happy #SysAdminDay

Dear Reader,

Whether you work in a company or are sitting in front of your private computer, please, stand up and say with me:

“Thank you, dear System Administrator”
Certainly, I neededĀ  a lot of help, for example when I got “p0wned” and many times more during the decades I am using a computer. Or rather abusing computers.
To Sally, Rose, Radjan and all the other great ladies and gentlemen: a huge Thank you! And to “Sim”: without you I’d be lost and diablog would not exist.
Humbly yours,
Engine Room

Greece – I can do without

Dear Reader,

Our by now famous commentator at diablog, SGM, announced here he is going to Greece. Somehow I feel like making enemies today, so let me say, I can do without Greece and the Greek.

There you go, I said it, and we might have lost some readers.

Why can I do without? Let me answer in old Jewish tradition with a question:

What has Greek given the world lately?

OK, they had geniuses thousands of years ago. But since then?

It comes down to Greece even importing their very own Feta cheese from Germany. And it could easily be called a failed state by now.

If pressed real hard to name a more recent addition to the world I would say: Vangelis.

Already, I played here on diablog “I’ll find my way home”, a great example of his collaboration with Jon Anderson of Yes.

Most of you will know Vangelis as the composer of this, “Conquest of Paradise”:

But he did way more. Continue reading “Greece – I can do without”

Glynsky fails to connect the dots

Dear Reader,

In his recent post on diablog Glynsky goes on and on about some Eddy or something. And he assumes correctly, that I am not a “guitar noise person”. But that is pretty much the only thing Glynsky got right.

First of all, I recommended here and still recommend “It might get loud“, one of the best music movies ever, and about – guess what – guitar music.

Glynsky’s next assumption, that the third piece in his mumbling would not be to my liking, is totally off. The piece in question is the world famous theme from Peter Gunn. This is one of the most covered and played pieces in history.

One of my favorite versions, of course, is from Blues Brothers, yet another of my all time favorite music movies:

Now, what else did Glynsky miss? Continue reading “Glynsky fails to connect the dots”

the real deal 24, just like eddy…

Dear diablog,

I am rarely completely taken aback but this year’s Glastonbury did just that. I had always thought that I was one of the very few who had ever heard of Duane Eddy – let alone admired him (as well as having nearly all his ’50’s and ’60’s singles). Blow me, who is the sensation this year, and by popular demand, and by ‘young people’ – the man himself (see a clip at the end).

I was really into Rock ‘n’ Roll instrumentals at the time and this is the first of three posts on these. Our beloved leader (Engine Room) is not a ‘guitar noise’ person so this, and the third of the posts, is not I suspect for him – but then he has never been invited to appear at Glastonbury so there is some sense around in the world.

Duane’sĀ first for me was Rebel Rouser in ’59…

which at the time was stunning but, interestingly, I bought it at the same time as…

must have been overpaid for carwashing!

He has been on the road almost incessantly with this, an early hit of his, filmed in 1996… Continue reading “the real deal 24, just like eddy…”