the real deal 24, just like eddy…

Dear diablog,

I am rarely completely taken aback but this year’s Glastonbury did just that. I had always thought that I was one of the very few who had ever heard of Duane Eddy – let alone admired him (as well as having nearly all his ’50’s and ’60’s singles). Blow me, who is the sensation this year, and by popular demand, and by ‘young people’ – the man himself (see a clip at the end).

I was really into Rock ‘n’ Roll instrumentals at the time and this is the first of three posts on these. Our beloved leader (Engine Room) is not a ‘guitar noise’ person so this, and the third of the posts, is not I suspect for him – but then he has never been invited to appear at Glastonbury so there is some sense around in the world.

Duane’s first for me was Rebel Rouser in ’59…

which at the time was stunning but, interestingly, I bought it at the same time as…

must have been overpaid for carwashing!

He has been on the road almost incessantly with this, an early hit of his, filmed in 1996…


However, to Glastobury! As always mud, rain, junk (any application of this word ok!) but this year (2011) a right large portion of twang – which on one of his early albums is ‘The Twang’s the Thang’! Marketing has never changed.

So here he is with, of all things, the Theme from Peter Gunn – does anyone remember the film?

Long may REAL Rock ‘n’ Roll survive.

Yours, diablog, donning the drainpipes


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