Vienna – support for Smiles and Glynsky

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Our commentator and heavy traveler, Smiles, announced being in Vienna for a week here. Glynsky wrote about the city here and here and today the two fans of Vienna got support.

One of the better magazines on dead wood is The Economist, of course they are available online here as well. Every two years they publish what they call a “Liveability Ranking“. And the current top list of cities is:

  1. Melbourne
  2. Vienna
  3. Vancouver 
  4. Toronto
  5. Calgary
  6. Sydney
  7. Helsinki
  8. Perth
  9. Adelaide
  10. Auckland 

Naturally, I disagree strongly. NYC is No. 1. The Economist bothers with things like crime rate, health care and pollution, that somehow must screw up us being where we belong, in the top spot.

Joking aside, congrats to Vienna. It is one of the very few inner country cities, that make it to the top ten. And that proves my other point: seaside cities are the best.

In any case, the list above makes for a nice itinerary, unless you are looking for more adult, adventurous destinations.

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13 thoughts on “Vienna – support for Smiles and Glynsky

  1. Cannot comment on Oz as never been there. I really liked Toronto and Vancouver.
    Vienna is a great place – see post on selling cabbage.
    Satisfied now ER and Glynsky ?

  2. Helsinki is a surprise. I prefer Stockholm, particularly with their recent development of the Port Area.

  3. Unlike my best mate Smiles, I have been to Oz – and am completely flummoxed as who would want to live in a place (let alone 5 of its cities) which has less culture than a pot of yoghurt.

  4. In vino veritas !! Do I have to change my name again to “Glynsky’s Best Mate”. Let me know when sober again.

  5. Helsinki is fun, so is Stockholm, Toronto is great. I’ve been to Adelaide and Melbourne too, very different, brilliant places both.

    AUS is great, just too calm for my taste.


  6. And if you honestly believe that the purchase of the ever injured Arteta (great player that he is) would ever ensure us a place above you (with the always superb Modric) – dream on!

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