Whining Out Again

I recently wrote on the subject of the Great Glynskezz argument with  Enrico Rancini over his refusal to attempt to become lucid and coherent when writing for the Diablog.

We know that we are read around the world, but did not expect to receive further abuse from Glynkkezz from his current hideaway in Florence.
He is supposed to be learning the art of contrition for all the damage he has inflicted on us all in the last year.

another bit from the found archive 16b, a trip to the movies…

Dear diablog,

Continuing with the Ben Hur ‘official’ programme series of posts

which seems to have aroused quite some interest from page views, let alone a number of comments, we restart at page 6 and an introduction to cast and characters…

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The End Of The Whine?

Glynsky the well known beast of blogging was today sensationally sacked by Enrico Rancini, the Diablog manager.

A furious Rancini told Glynsky to ‘go back to Italy’ following his refusal to write anything intelligible when instructed.

Is Glynsky just a lot of hot air?

He has been suspended for two weeks whilst Diablog lawyers scrutinise his contract.
Glynsky has already been fined 2 weeks wages (approximately 500, 000 pesatos) which is the biggest fine ever imposed on a premier league writer. Continue reading “The End Of The Whine?”

Happy 1st Anniversary Glynsky and Pete

Dear Reader,

September 29 is an important date. Why? There are many reasons:

  • 100 years ago Italy declared war on the Ottoman Empire. (Glynsky deserted to the UK.)
  • 60 years ago the first live sporting event was televised by NBC coast-to-coast in the US. (Glynsky wasn’t fiddling with the wires.)
  • 20 years ago a military coup took place in Haiti. (Probable cause: Glynsky announcing a visit.)
  • 10 years ago the Syracuse Herald-Journal, a US newspaper dating back to 1839, ceased publication. (Glynsky never paid a subscription, bankruptcy.)

You can check pretty much all of this and much more here.

What you don’t find in Wikipedia yet, is what is likely to be considered the most important event in future retrospectives:

On September 29, 2010, diablog went online with its first post.  
The way to celebrate – and annoy Glynsky a bit – is to play this legendary song of the 90s:

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

Oh, yeah, I feel good

Dear reader,

Since everyone is in a brilliant mood, or at least Glynsky and Smiles are, here is from the light-hearted, fun movie K-9 the appropriate scene and / or soundtrack:

The beginning of the soundtrack is Oh Yeah from Yello, a Swiss act I recommend highly.

And the second part of course is from the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, I got you / I feel good.

Here he is:

Have a great day,
Engine Room

Glynsky starts trolling – probably by accident

Dear Reader,

Waking up from a nap, I have to read Glynsky calling me a troll here on diablog. Is this his first attempt at trolling? Does he know what trolling is and means? Probably not.

If you want to educate yourself about trolling, the internet has various sources. There (still) is the sometimes disturbing and certainly NSFW  Encyclopaedia Dramatica, maybe that is troll heaven? There you will also find the “rules of the internet”, mentioned earlier here:


Glynsky’s post seems to rely on rule # 28 and on rule # 30. But, please, don’t argue with Glynsky, see rule # 14.

And there is more.

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