Glynsky starts trolling – probably by accident

Dear Reader,

Waking up from a nap, I have to read Glynsky calling me a troll here on diablog. Is this his first attempt at trolling? Does he know what trolling is and means? Probably not.

If you want to educate yourself about trolling, the internet has various sources. There (still) is the sometimes disturbing and certainly NSFW  Encyclopaedia Dramatica, maybe that is troll heaven? There you will also find the “rules of the internet”, mentioned earlier here:


Glynsky’s post seems to rely on rule # 28 and on rule # 30. But, please, don’t argue with Glynsky, see rule # 14.

And there is more.

Another source of information about internet language and culture is the Urban Dictionary.
If you ever have problems understanding your kids or a chat or an emoticon have a look there.

For memes in the making check

And for the web designers, sysadmins, computer helpers and enablers in general, there is a special playground:

Please, believe me, whenever I get off the phone with Glynsky, I have plenty of content for the site. Or more accurately, almost every post there reminds me of Glynsky. Like this one:

Client: (Calling our computer store for assistance) “I turn on my computer, but all I can see is the green LED on! The screen is still black!”

Me: “Your computer is here. You have only the monitor”.

If you recall the design discussion in the early days of diablog, yes, that would fit perfectly well on ClientsfromHell.

Like our beloved Smiles here, I hope you have an enjoyable day,
Engine Room

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