2 thoughts on “Oh, yeah, I feel good

  1. As best as I have ever been able to find out, it was he who gave himself that name. The reality is that there are legions out there who would disagree.
    However, last saw him live about 5 years ago with Chuck Berry (who seemed, that night, to be suffering from every smokeable substance known to man) and Jerry Lee who was his usual excellent self, and he was still pretty good, or at least, the band were.
    Days were that he would enter at the run and jump on the piano – now he kinda shuffles on, is picked up by bodyguard no 1, who then passes him to no 2 and so on to number 6, who then lifts him onto the piano!!!

  2. I loved the video from K-9. It reminded me of Glynsky on heat. Oh the good old days unfortunately only memories now for Grandad Glynsky.

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