Happy 1st Anniversary Glynsky and Pete

Dear Reader,

September 29 is an important date. Why? There are many reasons:

  • 100 years ago Italy declared war on the Ottoman Empire. (Glynsky deserted to the UK.)
  • 60 years ago the first live sporting event was televised by NBC coast-to-coast in the US. (Glynsky wasn’t fiddling with the wires.)
  • 20 years ago a military coup took place in Haiti. (Probable cause: Glynsky announcing a visit.)
  • 10 years ago the Syracuse Herald-Journal, a US newspaper dating back to 1839, ceased publication. (Glynsky never paid a subscription, bankruptcy.)

You can check pretty much all of this and much more here.

What you don’t find in Wikipedia yet, is what is likely to be considered the most important event in future retrospectives:

On September 29, 2010, diablog went online with its first post.  
The way to celebrate – and annoy Glynsky a bit – is to play this legendary song of the 90s:

Stay tuned,
Engine Room