The End Of The Whine?

Glynsky the well known beast of blogging was today sensationally sacked by Enrico Rancini, the Diablog manager.

A furious Rancini told Glynsky to ‘go back to Italy’ following his refusal to write anything intelligible when instructed.

Is Glynsky just a lot of hot air?

He has been suspended for two weeks whilst Diablog lawyers scrutinise his contract.
Glynsky has already been fined 2 weeks wages (approximately 500, 000 pesatos) which is the biggest fine ever imposed on a premier league writer.

Glynsky has already apologised to Diablog supporters saying that there was a ‘misunderstanding on the bench’ in his office at international HQ.

A Mr Smiles, who put up the millions to buy Glynsky almost a year ago from the Puffington Host,was quoted as saying: ‘If has has done what has been said then there is no future for him here’

When I tried to contact Glynsky this morning, (shown above leaving for Luton airport) I was advised he was fleeing the Country to consider his future.

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  1. I have returned from Uzbekistan to personally take charge 0f the situation with Glynsky, now known to many as the Incredible Sulk. As the major sponsor and contributor of wisdom and wit to this diablog, I can assure you that Glynsky will never write again an informative, intelligent or amusing post for this diablog.
    From sources close to Pete, his daily male, we have been informed that Glynsky has fled to Italy to think about his future but my sources confirm that he amd Mmme Glynskette have been seen visiting various Trattorias in Bologna, where Glynsky has been eating enormous plates of pasta and washing these down with buckets of the local Sangiovese wine. I can only assume that he is now considering 2 options for furure life:
    a) Joining the French Foreigh Legion as a Barrage Balloon with the soon to be sacked Arsene Wenger as his Commanind officer or
    b) As a replacement for Mr. Blobby.

    All will be revealed soon. On Monday I leave for Bologna to check out the sightings.

  2. I am looking for such an article.
    I am trawling through the last years posts written by Glynsky but as yet I have yet to find the post in question.

  3. Bribes are always welcome in Italy. I am ready to be your Middleman for my normal commission. As I go at least once a month to Italy, I would prefer that he goes somewhere else. Any room on your boat Pete, particularly as Glynsky was once a cabin boy on the
    QE2 or similar ?

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