another bit from the found archive 16b, a trip to the movies…

Dear diablog,

Continuing with the Ben Hur ‘official’ programme series of posts

which seems to have aroused quite some interest from page views, let alone a number of comments, we restart at page 6 and an introduction to cast and characters…

What really also fascinates me is that it was seen fit to use ‘cartoons’ instead of photos. There are many excellent colour photos in the rest of the programme so maybe some arty type thought that the contrast would be good.

Who knows, but they are very good – wish I could draw like that instead of stick men!

Your, diablog, eager for the start of the show


2 Replies to “another bit from the found archive 16b, a trip to the movies…”

  1. Not rare at all ER. I just bought a dozen on eBay.
    No seriously, it is very interesting reading and I can imagine that the others were thrown away years ago.

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