Whining Out Again

I recently wrote on the subject of the Great Glynskezz argument with  Enrico Rancini over his refusal to attempt to become lucid and coherent when writing for the Diablog.

We know that we are read around the world, but did not expect to receive further abuse from Glynkkezz from his current hideaway in Florence.
He is supposed to be learning the art of contrition for all the damage he has inflicted on us all in the last year.

Having read today’s papers there seems no way back for him without intervention from the Pope himself.
At the time of writing there has been no such intervention from Rome or anywhere else.

The man has been seen lurching from Trattoria to Trattoria and has texted me today having read my post and the follow up comments.

He is again talking the usual bolognese, perhaps as a result of eating copious amounts of the stuff, and I quote from his latest remarks.

‘I will never return until you all apologise publicly and I have hitched a ride to Brindisi where I will sail to Albania and safety’

I believe he intends to correspond from there until his demands have been met, and he is forgiven for his refusal to behave normally when writing for the Diablog.

What happens next is up to you.
Will  Enrico Rancini forgive and forget or does the suspension stand?

Glynskezz and the Diablog world wait with baited breasts

9 Replies to “Whining Out Again”

  1. Dear Pete. I confirm that I received the same texts from the bar in Firenze but Glynsky is not as stupid as he looks. He left the bar 5 minutes before my “friends” arrived, leaving an enormous bar bill for champagne and stating that Smiles would pay on his next visit.
    As for requesting as an apoology an appreciation article on Arsene Wenger, I believe he is really getting desperate as nobody knowing even only a minimum amount about football would ever write such an article. I expect more abuse and offers from Italy later today.

  2. Now mid afternoon and surprisingly no text abuse from Glynsky. Maybe he has finally learnt his lesson.
    I wrote him that he can run but cannot hide. He replied that he has eaten so much that he is too fat to hide. This confirms Pete’s comments of Glynsky going from Trattoria to Trattoria and consuming huge portions of Bolognese.

  3. Typical Glynsky. Although being fluent in Italian and stating that he had hitched a lift to Brindisi in the south, he ended up in Bologna which is north of Firenze. The idiot was standing on the wrong side of the Autostrada.
    From Bologna the texts started. Why has my hotel room got a mirror on the ceiling? The cheapskate booked himself into a bordello and only pays for the hours when in the room.
    He is also trying to divide Pete and myself. promising to write some lies about me and after reading them, Pete will not want to meet me at WHL. I think that Pete knows who to believe.

  4. Don’t worry smiles I don’t believe a word he says and he has threatened to do the same about me.
    If we beat the scum tomorrow he probably won’t come back anyway.
    Here’s hoping….

  5. He is trying to divide us. I just hope that he leaves Bologna, a beautiful city that I will be visiting twice in the next 2 weeks.
    Keep going south Glynsky and say hello to the penguins. After writing this I couldn”t stop laughing as a penguin reminds me of Glynsky in a dinner suit.

  6. I apologise to all penguins worldwide. Penguins are beautiful and should never be compared, even in jest, with Glynsky.

  7. At least we know where you are travelling to, Antarctica or Pittsburgh but there again it could be to the zoo.

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