Dear diablog,

In recent comments attached to various posts we have continued a ‘conversation’ with an Anonymous who seems to enjoy visiting diablog on a fairly regular basis and who has selected the pseudonym of Casper.
As has been already clarified by Engine Room here, this is a friendly ghost, but I would never believe anything he says and tried other spellings, checking out Kaspar and Caspar – none of which are remotely near the mental picture I have of our guest – hence caspita!

For reasons best known to his troll like self,

Engine Room thinks ‘our’ Casper to be female – well, I suppose he has to fill his head with something to distract from his obsession with Wikileaks, airport security, rants against ‘old media’ and the like. Continue reading


a day at the races 2…

Dear diablog,

I hope you enjoyed the first in this series of pictures taken at the Goodwood Revival earlier this month – as well as the ones ‘stolen’ by Engine Room on his post about scooters.

As I said, there were all sorts – Pete collecting for his favourite charity

and Engine Room with his Rock n Roll friends

all of whom needed refreshment as the day went on from, of all things, a mobile espresso machine built into… Continue reading


Another Midlife Crisis

I don’t know about you but over the years I have had a relatively normal life give or take the odd psychiatric meltdown.
However, since leaving full time employment a few months back the dreaded boredom has set in and life was crying out for a change.
Most people at my age are trying to secure what is left of their lives by tying down their finances and attempting to secure their financial futures.

Like all Diablog readers I have made financial mistakes in my life and apparently this is a time to re-trench, so that future old age homes can be paid for, and pensions will kick in to cover the bare necessities of what life has still got in store for you. Continue reading


Examples why you should care about #Censorship and #Privacy

Dear Reader,

Are you still getting your news through what I call old media and many others call “Lame Street Media”? Than you might have missed a few of events.

This week the FBI announced the arrests of two more “cyber criminals”, one being a homeless person and the other one supposedly a “member of notorious LuLzSec“. I leave it to your imagination, how a homeless person commits cyber crimes. I guess he sleeps in his computer. Equally funny is the fact, that by now as many as 8 people have been arrested as “LuLzSec members”, where the group only had 7 to begin with. But the FBI failing in math is neither an event, nor newsworthy.

The scandal is a company called, a VPN and Proxy service. Services like this are used to circumvent censorship, protect you against eavesdropping and protect against data retention. We had pointed to such services here.

During the reporting about above mentioned arrests it became known, that keeps log files about its clients. And they gladly hand over those log files to the government.

You might now wonder, what does that have to do with you, since you do not commit cyber crimes? Let me explain and at the same time get to the other events. Continue reading


Joe jackson – a brilliant musician

Dear Reader,

The last song in the series Resounding at the Engine Room right now was You Can’t Get What You Want (‘til You Know What You Want) by Joe Jackson. And it started a little discussion with Casper and Glynsky.

In my humble opinion Joe Jackson is one of the truly brilliant musicians of recent decades. As a composer, song writer and performing artist his spectrum covers almost all music genres.

Joe Jackson is quite the eccentric and not all people like him, but I appreciate even his spleens. Like the one concert, where he asked his audience – ahead of buying tickets – to remain absolutely silent. He wanted to play in front of an audience and record the concert in studio quality. Maybe nuts, but certainly creative.

Commercially, Joe jackson was the most successful from 1979 into the 80s and then again in the late 90s with his Grammy Award winning Symphony No 1. Yes, a symphony, how many living musicians composed a symphony?

Here is another hit song:

but even better is Joe’s a capella version live: Continue reading


Nerd Humor – Yes, it exists

Dear Reader,

The matter of technical science hasn’t been highlighted very much at diablog. And I admit, more people care about soccer than science. Their usual excuse:

Math, solve problems yourself,
I am not your therapist.

Today we have reason as well as opportunity to dip into science.

First we have this from Reuters here:

An international team of scientists said on Thursday they had recorded sub-atomic particles traveling faster than light – a finding that could overturn one of Einstein’s long-accepted fundamental laws of the universe.
Antonio Ereditato, spokesman for the researchers, told Reuters that measurements taken over three years showed neutrinos pumped from CERN near Geneva to Gran Sasso in Italy had arrived 60 nanoseconds quicker than light would have done.

The sub-atomic particles are  called Neutrinos.

After the news broke, nerd humor started around the question, why did neutrinos travel faster then light? Continue reading


another bit from the found archive 16a, a trip to the movies…

Dear diablog,

As you are aware from previous posts here and here (to name just two!), our hero, Sasha Fisher, was personally involved with the production of ‘Ben Hur’.

Not only did he make it, but he went to see it – which I can prove not only with his bus ticket (!!)

but also the programme inside which I found the ticket tucked!

I wonder if they still do printed programmes at the launch of a major movie – maybe he has some others in the box!

Anyway, it seemed to me to be well worth sharing this collector’s gem with you all, but as it is 34 pages thick I have to divide posts on it into acceptable numbers, and these are the ‘openers’… Continue reading