The Great George Carlin – @GeorgeCarlinSez

Dear Reader,

I have mentioned George Carlin on diablog a few times before, here and here and here.

And all the while I was thinking: “Somebody should put up a collection”. Now, usually you don’t write this online. Because it means, you are just to lazy to do it yourself and you are hoping for others to pick up the ball.We all dislike the “sombody should do something about it” line.

But this time we all got lucky. Somebody did something about it. And here is a link to some of Gearge carlin’s great pieces:

You can find the stuff with links on twitter:

or you can go directly to the source:

Enjoy America’s best and smartest stand-up comedian.
Engine Room

farewell october…

Dear diablog,

Christina can be a real a monkey…

…paticularly if it means she can have a go at Pete’s nuts! She noticed that recently after he had written a post on Steve Jobs, he became all tetchy and hot under the collar when the ever caring Engine Room questioned his judgement.
Pairing ‘judgement’ with the circumstances which precipitated Pete’s post, she came up with these offerings: 

Fact of the day:   10 years ago the USA had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash.

Now they have no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash!

Nice one cheeky chops, that’ll get him going again – can’t wait!
Yours, diablog, on cloud 9

#OccupyWallstreet – advice re curfews

Dear Reader,

Did you have the pleasure of visiting university? Maybe you took some legal courses?
I did. And in my humble opinion, every citizen should have the chance to do so. Before you join a club, you read their statutes. As a citizen, you should know your rights.

One of the first things you learn is the hierarchy of laws.
Meaning, no lower law can break a higher law. Constitutional law cannot be broken by federal law. State law cannot break federal law, etc.
Pretty much every nation follows that rule. At least the US does and the members of the European Union do, including the UK.

Why am I pointing out the somewhat obvious?

Because the protesters of the Occupy-Movement, taking advantage of their constitutional (sic!) rights to assembly and free speech, are constantly facing clowns in government, who seriously believe they can break the constitution.

For example, the UK Primeminister, David Cameron, wants to send the protesters to some place more convenient for him. Nice try.

Or in Nashville, Tennessee, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) thinks, it can order a curfew in public space. These clowns had to be told twice by a judge already, that they cannot break the constitution with some made up local order.

This behavior is a terrible trend. Continue reading “#OccupyWallstreet – advice re curfews”

The Royal Society opening its Treasure Chest

Dear Reader,

The beauty of the internet got a bit richer. Glynsky is publishing here on diablog under the label treasure chest the little treasures found in the estate of the late Sash Fisher. Of course, there are much bigger and maybe more important archives, waiting to be put online.

Last week the Royal Society, the oldest publisher of scientific news, opened its own treasure chest.
As announced in this press statement, the Royal Society put online all its old publications, everything older then 70 years.
The Royal Society cooperates with The not for profit organization, which came under a lot of criticism online after this stunt.

There is a search engine here, to help you find your personal treasures, whether it is something written by Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin or Isaac Newton.

I already know, what I will be searching for, besides early (1665-1666) experiments on to how to cool drinks “without the Help of Snow, Ice, Haile, Wind or Niter, and That at Any Time of the Year.”
As the drinks guy on diablog, I must read this.

What is your hobby or area of interest? What do you fancy?

Happy treasure hunting,
Engine Room

Update: #Occupytogether and #Censorship

Dear Reader,

In my last post I said, the top 1% and their lackeys – the people governing us – must be scared.

This week has shown, how scared they are.

They are so scared, that they throw overboard all decency and morals. Laws? Constitutions? Court orders? They are ignoring all this and when they are caught by citizens reporting about it, they are lying through their teeth.

Our politicians are behaving like criminals.
No, let me correct this, our politicians are criminals.

Glynsky and Pete will now say, my statements are provocative, like they did here, when I called Barack Obama a murderer.

So I kindly ask you to think about your values for a moment.

How do you treat people?
How do you want people to treat you?

Do you consider yourself a law abiding citizen?
Do you want the people governing you to abide the law?

OK, now let’s review what happened this week. Continue reading “Update: #Occupytogether and #Censorship”

the real deal 29, no del boy…

Dear diablog,

Engine Room issued a timely reminder that maybe for too long I have been immersed in the early days of Rock and Roll.

So, to start to redress the balance, fast forward to the mid ’80’s early ’90’s. Pop music was beginning to go through one of it’s periodic upheavals, particularly as at the time no one genre was  ‘king’ as a look at the decade’s Top Tens shows. One can follow the ‘demise’ of Glamrock (e.g Blondie) at the start towards the growing ‘Streetmusic’ influences towards the end. There are many bands worth discussing in these lists, but this post is dedicated to Indie and one of the superb bands it produced.

Of these, one which I never felt got the acclaim it deserved was Del Amitri – this is a link to Wikipedia which is good and informative, but if you want more visit their site and read in particular ‘band’ – what were they on! And particularly as not only were they superb musicians they absolutely excelled at lyrics – if you don’t know them, listen carefuly to the clips (maybe more than once) – one of the best lines ever is ‘ I looked at the clock and it said SOS till I realised it was 5.05’! For even better, listen to the last clip.

From a UK perspective their biggest single hit was

but… Continue reading “the real deal 29, no del boy…”