the real deal 29, no del boy…

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Engine Room issued a timely reminder that maybe for too long I have been immersed in the early days of Rock and Roll.

So, to start to redress the balance, fast forward to the mid ’80’s early ’90’s. Pop music was beginning to go through one of it’s periodic upheavals, particularly as at the time no one genre was  ‘king’ as a look at the decade’s Top Tens shows. One can follow the ‘demise’ of Glamrock (e.g Blondie) at the start towards the growing ‘Streetmusic’ influences towards the end. There are many bands worth discussing in these lists, but this post is dedicated to Indie and one of the superb bands it produced.

Of these, one which I never felt got the acclaim it deserved was Del Amitri – this is a link to Wikipedia which is good and informative, but if you want more visit their site and read in particular ‘band’ – what were they on! And particularly as not only were they superb musicians they absolutely excelled at lyrics – if you don’t know them, listen carefuly to the clips (maybe more than once) – one of the best lines ever is ‘ I looked at the clock and it said SOS till I realised it was 5.05’! For even better, listen to the last clip.

From a UK perspective their biggest single hit was


… most of their best stuff (of the time) was on one album, ‘Waking Hours’ from which most of the following are taken. I love them all and this album is rarely in it’s cover. Try one of my all time favourites

Primarily the indie movement owed its start to being an alternative to Stadiumrock, moving back to smaller venues where the predominantly student audience could afford tickets – and were also spared the tedium of having to watch a screen as the band were 2 miles from their seats! And who could argue with another of my favourites

Justin and, I suppose one can call it (as their site) DA3, still tours regularly though I believe mostly in the US and I have not had the chance to enjoy them live for years – the last time being Cardiff in about ’89.

Indie, by the way, must not be confused with Britpop (which at the time I thought had been invented by Prime Minister Bliar as one of his never ending self aggrandisement ploys) and is much more honest and frankly, much much better. Lets finish with the excellent (particularly the lyrics – Nothing Ever Happens eh – and listening to it it could be today!)

Yours, diablog, still in me parka


all clips thanks to Youtube

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  1. Well done Glynsky for writing on Del Amtitri.
    I must say their music seemed to pass me by, or was I put off by the name, which sounds like a Gynecological problem.
    I really like the song ‘waking hours’ and will make an effort to catch up with their music.

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