Update: #Occupytogether and #Censorship

Dear Reader,

In my last post I said, the top 1% and their lackeys – the people governing us – must be scared.

This week has shown, how scared they are.

They are so scared, that they throw overboard all decency and morals. Laws? Constitutions? Court orders? They are ignoring all this and when they are caught by citizens reporting about it, they are lying through their teeth.

Our politicians are behaving like criminals.
No, let me correct this, our politicians are criminals.

Glynsky and Pete will now say, my statements are provocative, like they did here, when I called Barack Obama a murderer.

So I kindly ask you to think about your values for a moment.

How do you treat people?
How do you want people to treat you?

Do you consider yourself a law abiding citizen?
Do you want the people governing you to abide the law?

OK, now let’s review what happened this week.
The Occupy-Movement has spread to hundreds of cities by now. You can look them up at OccupyTogether.org.

In many cities the lackeys of the 1%, meaning mayors and police, wanted to end the protests. Their pretense? A lack of cleanliness or, their all time favorite, security concerns.
So, for the sake of those, you are supposed to give up your constitutional rights. By the way, these are the highest laws that exist. No other law or municipal rule can take those away from you.
Which makes all the politicians a joke, who think they can allow peaceful protest. But it shows how they think. They believe, they can graciously allow protest, where it is convenient for them, like a monarch or dictator.

Having learned from the NY experience, the police always came by night. Why?
Because then it is harder for the people to film or photograph. In NY they are now even trying to blind cameras with flashlights. So there is no chance to record and report illegal police activity and police brutality.

Like low life criminals, our politicians come at us at night. To not get caught. And there was plenty of police brutality.

Oh, by the way, as reported by Google here, the police now requests that video evidence of its brutality be removed from the internet. Because there isn’t enough censorship yet, right?
And the cop who pepper sprayed protesters got taken away 10 days of vacation and was rewarded with a transfer to Staten Island, closer to home.

But back to Oakland.
There the police used tear gas and rubber bullets and flashbang grenades. You can see it all at the New Yorker here. They shot people in the face. And threw tear gas cannisters next to people giving first aid to injured ones. The ex Marine Scott Olsen had to be put into a coma because of a brain injury and will have to undergo brain surgery.

Update: Video

If those scenes remind you of Mubarak’s Egypt, Ben Ali’s Tunisia or Quaddafi’s Libya, yes, you are right, it’s the same criminal behavior. But don’t expect Hillary Clinton or the UN or NATO to demand, the peaceful protesters be left in peace, like she did there. Why does the word bigotry come to mind?

First, the politicians and police denied all accusations. Only when evidence was brought forward, in form of rubber bullets and wounded protesters and videos, did they admit one illegal activity after another. Within 24 hours, the mayor of Oakland had to go from
“We did everything correctly” to¬† “I am sorry for breaking the laws and people being injured”.
Like any low life crook, she thinks: It’s only cheating, if you get caught. Did anyone step down? Of course not.

If you are British just read this. Your government ain’t any better. Your PM also thinks he is a monarch or dictator who can allow protest where it suits him.

In Germany, where the constitutional court has decided data retention to be illegal, this week parliament passed a law allowing for unlimited data retention. The provision was literally added only minutes before voting.

And the US house of representatives wants to change the Protect IP law, that the content industry can have internet servers shut down globally without due process, without hearing, without court order.

So, let me ask you:

How do you call a person, who knowingly breaks the law?
How consistent is that with your values?
Is that what you want from people in your government?

To give you an idea how bad it is, Egyptians from Tarhir Square are having a rally in support of the peaceful protesters in America.


But I will not leave you without good news.

If anything, the criminal behavior of the governments makes the Occupy movement only stronger.

The first cops and soldiers have joint the Occupy-Movement. The first of the lackeys are realizing, that they weren’t protecting the people, like they should, but criminals in office.

And when OccupyWallStreet marched in protest of the Oakland disaster, and police was ordered to use nets to kettle the protesters, the cops let the protesters take the nets out of their hands. Some even applauded when the nets were thrown into garbage cans.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room