#OccupyWallstreet – advice re curfews

Dear Reader,

Did you have the pleasure of visiting university? Maybe you took some legal courses?
I did. And in my humble opinion, every citizen should have the chance to do so. Before you join a club, you read their statutes. As a citizen, you should know your rights.

One of the first things you learn is the hierarchy of laws.
Meaning, no lower law can break a higher law. Constitutional law cannot be broken by federal law. State law cannot break federal law, etc.
Pretty much every nation follows that rule. At least the US does and the members of the European Union do, including the UK.

Why am I pointing out the somewhat obvious?

Because the protesters of the Occupy-Movement, taking advantage of their constitutional (sic!) rights to assembly and free speech, are constantly facing clowns in government, who seriously believe they can break the constitution.

For example, the UK Primeminister, David Cameron, wants to send the protesters to some place more convenient for him. Nice try.

Or in Nashville, Tennessee, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) thinks, it can order a curfew in public space. These clowns had to be told twice by a judge already, that they cannot break the constitution with some made up local order.

This behavior is a terrible trend.

Our parliaments are full with lawyers. Some even say, there are too many. These MPs know the law. And if they did not, the ministers of justice have plenty of legal experts. Ignorance is no excuse there.

Still, more and more our politicians are passing laws, which clearly and openly are breaking higher laws. They think of themselves above the law.

Now in your life and mine, if someone acts that way, he or she is fired.
If the president of your club breaks the statutes repeatedly, he is fired. If you break company rules, you get a warning and – if that does not help – you are fired.

Unfortunately, our political systems lack a provision for that.
And that is one of the many things we have to change.
We need more accountability.
These clowns in Nashville have to be thrown out of office immediately. They need to be fired and put on trial. They are knowingly breaking the constitution.
The second time around they cannot claim ignorance as a defense, only stupidity.

Please, read your constitution.
Engine Room