farewell november, one for the diabloggers…

Dear diablog,

Our readers have, by now figured out that a) all three of us are smokers, b) we enjoy taking a tilt at each other and c) we love photos and art.

To jolt us and show you a triumph of trompe l’oeil (sent to me by a friend) what about this:

Titled ‘The Smokers Room’ I feel it should join Pete’s similar contribution of items of artistic merit.

Yours, diablog, with weeds


rip Gary Speed…

Dear diablog,

We have been totally remiss, as true football fans, at not mentioning the passing of Gary Speed at a tender 42 years on Sunday.

He was a lovely man, a very good footballer, handsome and one of the best ambassadors for the game with his easy smile and time for all. He seemed to have found his life’s ambition as Wales’ manager and his death has come as a total shock to the whole football community.

All at diablog extend their condolences to his family in this terrible time.


Happy 80th Birthday Tomi Ungerer

Dear Reader,

Being controversial is considered a plus here at diablog. Thus, I am very pleased to congratulate a very controversial artist to his 80th birthday:

In the unlikely case, that you haven’t heard of him, haven’t seen his drawings, or read his books, I highly recommend you do.

For a first idea about this great artist have a look here, or – if you happen to be in Strasbourg – visit his museum.

Happy Birthday and many returns,
Engine Room

don’t tell too many people 7d, a day in firenze…

Dear diablog,

As I promised you earlier in a post some further recommendations on things to buy from

it may help to start with some of Mme. Glynskettes favourites taken in Glynsky Towers

The soap and the ‘Colonia’ you recognise, but what about an essential oil heater in terra cotta to make your house smell amazing (the list of oils and fragrances is enormous) or some, which is absolutely the db’s if you or anyone you know suffer from… Continue reading “don’t tell too many people 7d, a day in firenze…”

News – how to get an overview and be really informed

Dear Reader,

Besides providing items for water-cooler talk, diablog aims to inform you, or rather help you stay informed. As for example we did with this post, how TV can fool you.

Now I hear you object: “But I am well informed.”

Of course you are.
You Brits have BBC and Guardian, and Americans have CNN and the NY Times. And you all go to sleep, feeling well informed.

Still, your “news feed” is one-sided, you live in a national bubble.
Your national media feed you, what they think is relevant.
That is like having the same dish every day. It is boring and far cry from being nutritious.

Let me show you, what I mean:

Amazing, isn’t it?

But there is help, of course, on the internet. I love it.

Again, let me show you. Continue reading “News – how to get an overview and be really informed”

Music – It can make you dream of beer and ladies

Dear Reader,

The Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end, your relatives are leaving your home or you are leaving theirs.

As American it is likely you watched the football game. And that is another example of how music carries memories like no other sense. Maybe, just maybe, smell is a stronger carrier.

But music works like the famous Pavlovian conditioning. I can have you think of the NBA and basketball or the NFL and football with just the first keys of 2 Unlimited, “Get ready for this”. Here is another version:

Did you feel the urge to get a beer? To turn on the TV and watch a game? And some of you, especially male readers, probably were expecting to see some ladies, because of this: Continue reading “Music – It can make you dream of beer and ladies”

Movie Soundtracks by Ennio Morricone

Dear Reader,

The days are getting shorter and for me that means movie time. Somehow I prefer the Winter for watching movies.

It is unlikely, that you will find any of the following movies playing in theaters now. But with a good beamer and a large white wall, one can create movie theater atmosphere at home, or get pretty close to it. For me, a movie screen has to fill my whole field of vision, a TV screen does not do it.

In an earlier post on diablog I had promised to write more about the best composer of movie soundtracks, Ennio Morricone. If any composer is proof of the importance of music in films, it is Ennio Morricone. Please, just have a look at his credits here.

Together with the equally genial Sergio Leone he created a whole film genre, the Spaghetti Western. By the way, early in his career, though uncredited, Sergio Leone worked on Ben Hur, probably with our dear Sash Fisher.

Sergio Leone with Ennio Morricone also made Clint Eastwood a star, arguably one of the biggest actors, directors and producers in Hollywood today. Here is the music from “For a few Dollars more“:

Equally mesmerizing is the earlier mentioned “Once Upon a Time In America“, Sergio’s last film: Continue reading “Movie Soundtracks by Ennio Morricone”