Another treasure from the flea market

Dear Reader,

Very early on diablog, here to be precise, I told you about my love for flea markets. Walking in the sun, looking at old things, watching the great people behind the tables and in front, it is a lot of fun.

This morning I had the pleasure again, and it was my lucky day. Not only do we have great sunshine, I walked past an espresso machine.

As I have written here about Espresso, you do not need some expensive, fancy, shmancy tamagotchi. Those are nice to look at, but usually keep you paying for repairs and the espresso is mediocre at best.

Here is what I saw today:

sorry, smartphone camera photo

This imported portafilter machine AEG Electrolux EA is absolutely great. It as two water systems. With 15 bar it pumps the steam through the espresso powder just like a commercial machine. OK, it consumes 1250 Watt, but that’s worth it. The espresso tastes wonderful.

And it gets better. Those machines usually run anywhere from $150 – 400. Even for used ones at auction sites you pay $100, plus upwards of $20 for shipping, the machine weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kg). And the seller offered this new (!) machine – in its original, sealed box – for just twenty bucks. It had been a present, they never used. I could not believe my luck, no need to bargain.

Flea markets, I just love ’em.

Sipping delicious espresso,
Engine Room

6 thoughts on “Another treasure from the flea market

  1. Definitely a good buy ER. Enjoy your espresso.
    Sorry to disturb you again re travel tips but any recommendations for great hotels in San Francisco and Hawaii? At least I can trust your recommendations.
    PS. great Flea Market every Saturday morning in Vilnius.

  2. Dear Smiles,

    You’re always welcome and never disturbing.

    You asked for “great” hotels, that leaves only two.
    In SF the two very best hotels are the Mark Hopkins and the Fairmont, both have 5 stars.

    The Fairmont has the “old flair”, stars and billionaires like Nicolas Berggruen have suites there. The 80s TV series Hotel” was filmed here. Prices are a little crazy and management got a bit sloppy. I heard, it needs updating.

    The Mark Hopkins has the very best 360° views over SF from the jazz/piano bar “Top of the Mark”. Both, hotel and bar, are highly recommended. Although part of InterContinantal, it is an “old” building, in better shape than the Fairmont.

    Sorry, Hawaii is off my radar.

    Hope that helps,

  3. Thanks ER. I will check them out. I hope to be able to recommend some hotels and restaurants when you go East.

  4. Hi Smiles – don’t know either of the above as we have always stayed at Hotel Juliana, and loved it as do most of our friends. Two blocks from China town bla bla bla, if an american calls it ‘cute’ you suddenly realise it is ‘cos a) it is good enough to be home to a european and b) it doesn’t have the standard blue and yellow carpet that every other hotel on the continent has in the dining room!
    Check it out, you may like it.

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