BBC News – and I thought US news programing sucks

Dear Reader,

For a few days now I have had the questionable pleasure of watching BBC News at Ten.

And I have to say, it sucks. Big time.

For you non-Brits let me give you the structure:

  • 1 minute about an international crisis like Syria or Iran
  • 3 minutes about a murder, preferably of a female immigrant
  • 5 minutes about Soccer, alternatively Rugby or Cricket
  • 6 minutes about the weather

That’s it. In the unlikely event of a day without a murder in the UK, a strike will do.

I have to say, in comparison even CNN informs you better. And I might go to hell for this, but Faux (Fox) News has more dept and information than that shite BBC calls the news.

What ever Glynsky recommends from BBC, the news broadcast isn’t worth your time. I herewith officially declare 2011 the last year of TV news program. May it rest in peace.

Wishing you a happy new year, prosperous 12 month, stay informed and enjoy Diablog,

Engine Room