Happy Last Minute Shopping

With only one shopping day to go until Christmas, you would have thought that people would have ticked most of the items off their ‘to buy’ list by now.
But the fear of not having anything to put under the Christmas tree is only just catching up with some of us… and the shops are guaranteed to be busy right up until the last minute.
Today workers will be descending upon store in their droves – and a lot will be stocking up on underwear that is unlikely to ever be worn.

What women want: Eighty-five per cent of women said they like their lingerie to be stylish and sophisticated, but still sexy to unwrap

What women want: Eighty-five per cent of women said they like their lingerie to be stylish and sophisticated, but still sexy to unwrap Continue reading “Happy Last Minute Shopping”

Let the games begin …

Dear Reader,

This is a cry for help. If the dining and wining continues like this, I will either burst or go back home with an extra 10 kg of excess luggage. On my body of course.

And besides all the food we had so far we shlepped in another goose, a turkey, three large brown trouts, cases of wine, cartons of chocolate – someone preparing chocolate log – and what not. Did I mention the cheddar and stilton?

There can’t be anything left in the store. I think we bought it all. Of course, there is an “army” of about 15 people to feed. Not counting anyone under the age of five. There is four to six of those. I lost count.

Here is the advisc from diablog for the holidays, whether it is Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa:
(found on 9gag.com)


Take it easy, relax, eat, drink
and be merry.
Do NOT diet.

Engine Room

an excellent christmas to everyone…

Dear diablog,

I, for one, have done my best to  spare Engine Room (and possibly you!) from a repeat of all last year’s advent songs.

However, it is the time to acknowledge ‘the King’ and who else better than the King

…and the girl’s not too bad either!

Have you finished your shopping – no! Don’t waste time, there’s not much left.

Yours, diablog, in the mood


Keep Your Hand In Your Pockets

                   From my personal technology assistant


In the spirit of filth that is currently inherent on the Diablog, I felt you should be aware of some of the possible problems attached to the new technology about to come to a high street near you in the very near future.

I am referring to gesture controlled or motion detection TVs that will allow users to flick through channels and adjust the volume using only their hand.

These apparently could prove to be a frustrating experience for Glynsky and other viewers of adult movie channels, critics have warned. Continue reading “Keep Your Hand In Your Pockets”

a flea in your ear…

Dear diablog,

There are some people who are brilliant at whatever they turn their hand. I do not here include anyone associated with the glynskyandpete diablog, nor those hardworking souls in the Glynsky International HQ, though I am grateful to Mme. Glynskette for passing this to the news desk for all to enjoy.

Dustin Hoffman is an all time great and is in my pantheon of heros. Thank you BBC, Graham Norton and Mme. Glynskette for a superb moment.

Yours, diablog, on a wing and a hair